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Precautions for new users to operate CNC wood engraving machine

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I believe that many new users will face the problem of not knowing how to operate the CNC wood milling machine. Next, we will introduce you to five points that novices need to pay attention to.

1. To understand the materials that can be processed by the engraving machine, the operator must be familiar with the application range of various materials to accurately choose which engraving method. The engraving machine can engrave a variety of materials, usually including wood panels, MDF, acrylic, PVC, solid wood panels and marble.

2. Familiar with the operation logic of engraving machine programming software. Including the basic programming of the software, the system connected to the computer, and how to generate the path for the pattern you want to engrave. But don’t worry, we will train you and equip you with an operating manual.

3. Basic understanding of accessories. Before using the engraving machine, we need to have a general understanding of the various accessories and tools on the engraving machine, distinguish the applications and functions of the various tools, and guide the installation of the accessories to use them correctly.

4. Master the parameters of the engraving machine. For example, spindle, vacuum pump, power, speed, motor brand, etc. Understand the main functions of the engraving machine and the main functions of each part of the accessories. In addition, we need to learn some professional terms of the industry, such as continuous power failure, hollowing, printing and inscriptions.

5. Establish a maintenance concept for the machine and perform maintenance in accordance with the instructions to ensure that the machine can work in the best condition. The following are some tips for engraving machine maintenance. Do not stack irrelevant debris on the work surface of the engraving machine; clean the spindle, screws, etc. in time, add or replace the oil in time, because the grease can keep the screw parts in good lubrication, thereby reducing mechanical wear and extending the service life of the machine ; The control box should be placed in a dry and well-ventilated area to avoid excessive exposure, and try to avoid operating in a high temperature environment; in order to ensure the normal operation of the water pump and the cooling effect of the water-cooled spindle, the spindle motor cannot be dehydrated, and the cooling water should be replaced regularly. Prevent the water temperature from being too high; in the extremely low temperature working environment in winter, antifreeze should be added to the cooling water to replace the water in the water tank. If you have any questions about the machine, please contact us. We will have professional technicians to answer your questions about the engraving machine.


Tips for installing and removing CNC router tools

Next, I will explain the precautions for installing and removing the engraving machine tools. As we all know, the engraving machine can be equipped with different tools to achieve different engraving needs. Installing and removing tools is a very important step in the process of using the engraving machine, so we need to master the correct installation method and process. The following are the precautions for installing and removing the engraving machine tool:

1. Before installing the tool, please check whether the tool is worn or cracked. If there is the above situation, we need to replace the new tool or repair the tool before use.

2. Remember to clean the surface of the tool before installation and remove some washers and burrs on the surface to prevent dust and burrs from affecting the accuracy of tool engraving. Also note that when clamping the tool with washers, keep the ends of the washers as parallel as possible. If the milling cutter is found to be skewed after installation, the position of the washer should be adjusted in time to minimize the error caused by the washer until the milling cutter does not shake after the machine is started.

3. When installing the milling cutter, the taper between the cutter, the middle sleeve and the spindle must match, and the installation center and the cutter center should be as concentric as possible. After the tool is inserted into the spindle, we need to tighten the milling cutter with screws. It should be noted that the rotation direction of the milling cutter must be consistent with the direction of the thread, so as to ensure that the thread is connected to the milling cutter more firmly during the rotation process, thereby avoiding the risk of the milling cutter being loose and pulled out.

4. In the case of meeting the processing requirements, the milling cutter should be as close to the spindle bearing as possible, and the hanger bearing should be as close as possible to the milling cutter. If the milling cutter is far away from the spindle bearing, a hanger bearing needs to be installed between the spindle bearing and the milling cutter.

5. After installing the milling cutter, please check the related washers and nuts again to see if there is any looseness. And use a dial indicator to check the diameter and end runout of the milling cutter to see if it is within the allowable range. After use, after removing the tool, it should not be thrown away at will. It should be hung on the shelf to prevent bending and deformation of the tool. If under special circumstances, when the tool needs to be stored horizontally, we should lay a soft object on the tool to prevent scratching and deformation.

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