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The Price Of Three-Head CNC Milling Planer In 2021

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 3 heads CNC router machine is a mature product which is first created in China and has reached the international leading level.

These series of products are the high-end model of furniture industry and wood processing industry.The 3 heads CNC router machine is suitable for a variety of complex product processing or diverse processing.Price: 6360-8360$

 3 heads CNC router machine

Features Of 3 heads CNC router machine:

1.Advanced control system can multiply level of 3D work automatically. It is very convenient, and can finish the 3D work fast and smoothly.

2.The whole machine is welded with thick seamless steel structure, the stability is good, not easy to be deformed. The machine adopts gantry movement, it can process any kinds of materials freely.

3.Adopt important linear square orbit, two line sliding track, heavy loading, stable working, high precision and long lifetime. Adopt imported ballscrew, high precision.

4.Well compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software e.g.TYPE3/Artcam/Castmate/ Wentai etc.

5.This model is suitable for processing any kinds of materials in bulk.

Some clients can not afford the ATC cnc router with more than 20000 dollars but also want one automatic and economical tool changing equipment. The multi function woodworking cnc router is such machine with 2,3,4 or 5 processing and intelligent multi-function

Best 3 heads CNC router machine Applications:

Woodworking industry:

wood crafts, picture frames cutting, handicraft carving wave plates, wooden door production and processing (density board cutting, particle board cutting, 3D wall panels making, birch plywood cutting, sandwich plate cutting, making violin surface, solid wood furniture, carved wood art murals carved, guide plate processing, avoid lacquer carved door, cabinet door, craft wooden door, kitchen door, screen, PP plate cutting, the process window processing, aluminum plate cutting, calligraphy carving made three-dimensional wave board processing, slat wall making, wooden door, screen, process window, small handicraft processing, watch box, photo frame craft, calligraphy plaque, electrical cabinet countertops, sports equipment, large area of plate plane sculpture, secondary processing of various kinds of wooden products, furniture products. 

This series support spindle integrated control for multi-head from 2 to 8pcs, can delivery command to spindles to work in tandem, also can work similarly as CNC router with an auto tool changer. Pneumatic Tool Change CNC Router allows users to set different tool path for different spindles (cutters), similar working mode as an auto tool changer. When the first spindle complete its work, the second spindle (cutter) can go on its own work automatically.


Working area



4.5KW air cooling*2+6KW air cooling*1


Fuling inverter


Stepper motor



Control system

NC Stusio/DSP

Working area

Vacuum absorbed table/Aluminum profile+PVC

Guide rails

#25 Taiwan HIWIN


XY helical rack,Z TBI ball screw


Z TBI ball screw with air cylinder


Welded structure G1


Steel beam


Side hanging steel columns

Control system

Independent control box





Vacuum pump


Dust collector


Automatic tool setting

Tool sensor



High speed flying cutting:

HSD air circulation cooling system is 2400 revolutions / minute, the cooling effect is good and the working time is fast.The air cooled spindle has high accuracy, and the motor's axial and radial runout is below 0 ~ 4mm.

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