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The information about the spindle

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The spindle is one of the most important parts of the engraving machine. As long as the engraving machine is in operation, the spindle is always in operation, so it is also one of the most easily worn parts of the engraving machine. It is installed on the Z-axis of the engraving machine and rotates the main shaft through its own high-speed rotation to achieve the purpose of drilling, milling, cutting and engraving.

As one of the core components of the CNC router, the quality and choice of the spindle directly affect the processing speed, accuracy and production efficiency. So how to choose a suitable spindle?

The first part is the machining accuracy of the spindle. The most basic requirement of the spindle is to be able to perform long-term work and ensure a certain processing effect. Before using the CNC router, you can manually check the spindle to see if it is loose. Then try to start the spindle to check whether the spindle rotates smoothly and whether there is oscillation and vibration. If it exists, the machining accuracy of the spindle cannot be achieved. Moreover, we can also judge by listening to the sound produced by the rotation of the spindle. If the noise is loud and there is a harsh sound, it indicates that the accuracy of the spindle bearing is relatively poor.

On the other part is the strength of the spindle. The power of the motor is the main factor affecting the strength of the spindle. The higher the power, the more the processing strength can be guaranteed and the processing requirements can be met. The strength of the spindle can also be judged by listening to the sound of the motor. If there is no abnormal sound, the louder the sound produced by the spindle operation, the greater the intensity.

The third part is the operating speed of the spindle. It is related to the working efficiency of the machine. The spindle speed is usually between 18000 and 24000 rpm. The faster the speed, the higher the cutting efficiency. On the premise that the processing intensity can be achieved, you can make the spindle run quickly. However, considering the service life of the machine, try to avoid keeping the machine running at full load.

The fourth part is the service life of the spindle. This mainly depends on the processing intensity of the spindle and daily working hours. During the machining process, you should pay attention to the temperature of the spindle surface in time. If the surface temperature of the spindle rises relatively or the temperature is very high, it means that the machining accuracy and heat dissipation of the spindle are poor. At this time, the service life of the machine will be greatly reduced.


Some tips of CNC milling machine spindle selection

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone understands that CNC milling machine is mainly used for processing through high-performance spindle. The spindle can be used for high-speed engraving, drilling and milling, drilling, etc. When the spindle rotates at a high speed, it will generate a lot of heat. If the heat is not cooled in time, it will greatly affect the service life of the spindle and even burn the spindle. There are two main cooling methods for the spindle, water cooling and air cooling. But which cooling method is more suitable for you? Is it better to use water to cool the spindle or air to cool the spindle? This is a problem faced by many customers who need to buy engraving machines. In response to this problem, we have listed the difference between the water-cooled spindle and the air-cooled spindle of the engraving machine. Hope it will help your choice.

1. The cooling effect is different. The water-cooled spindle uses water circulation to cool the spindle. After the water is circulated, the temperature of the spindle can be kept below 40 degrees, and its cooling effect is much better than that of air cooling. 2. The noise is different. The water-cooled spindle motor basically has no noise when it is working. Compared with the water-cooled, the air-cooled spindle motor has a higher noise. 3. Service life. The service life of the water-cooled spindle can be extended by human maintenance, such as water change or the use of industrial coolers, so its service life is longer than that of the air-cooled spindle. 4. The accuracy is different. The horizontal and vertical accuracy errors of the water-cooled spindle are basically less than 0.003 mm, which is higher than that of the air-cooled spindle. 5. The air-cooled spindle is easier to use. Since the water-cooled spindle needs to be connected to the water pipe, a bucket is needed to hold the water. If you are in an area where the winter is relatively cold and the water pipe is easy to freeze, then the air-cooled spindle is more suitable. Tip: When choosing which type of cooling spindle, it is recommended to consider your purchase budget and the natural conditions of the location, such as local water resources and temperature. Of course, you can also propose your specific needs to us, and we will provide you with a professional solution.


The reason for the damage of CNC wood router spindle

Users of CNC wood router will inevitably encounter the problem of spindle failure during use. There are many reasons for the damage of the spindle, including the quality of the spindle itself and the conditions of use. The quality of the spindle is the most important factor that directly affects its service life. The work intensity of the spindle is very high. Therefore, when choosing a spindle, choose a good spindle as much as possible within your budget. In a high-intensity work environment, poor quality spindles will inevitably appear.

Different engraving machines are equipped with different spindles. Such as ordinary woodworking engraving machine and stone engraving machine. The cutting force of stone carving is much greater than that of wood carving, and the power of the main shaft of the stone machine is also more powerful, and a water cooling device needs to be added during the carving process. The spindle requirements of woodworking engraving machines are not so high. Therefore, knowing the working mode of the spindle and using the spindle correctly for processing is also one of the ways to avoid damage to the spindle.

The spindle cooling system does not work well. The cooling system of the spindle of the engraving machine is mainly divided into air cooling and water cooling. Especially for users who use water cooling, if the water circulation system is not good for a long time, or if the water circulation is often forgotten during work, the spindle speed of the engraving machine can reach 24,000 rpm per minute. Continuous high-intensity working time is too long, and the spindle is not cooled in time, and high heat will be generated after a long time of work. At this time, the pressure of the spindle bearing will increase, and the spindle is easily damaged and scrapped. Therefore, we recommend that the working time of the engraving machine should not exceed 12 hours.

The impact of improper operation, when the engraving machine is working, if the spindle speed does not reach the specified working speed, it is also easy to cause damage to the spindle. Secondly, when engraving materials of different materials, different speeds should be set. When the spindle is subjected to different engraving resistance, if the speed is not adjusted in time, the spindle will be damaged.

Insufficient antifreeze measures in winter. Due to the low temperature in winter, water is easy to freeze. After use, the residual water inside the spindle should be discharged in time. If this problem is not paid attention to in time, the residual water will cause the spindle to freeze. Therefore, in cold areas, we recommend that you add antifreeze to prevent unnecessary damage caused by freezing the spindle in winter.

These are common reasons for spindle damage. If you have any questions about the use, maintenance and repair skills of the spindle, please feel free to contact us. We will have a dedicated after-sales service team and technical team to help you answer.

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