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What aspects should be taken into consideration in choosing a woodworking engraving

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Many carpenter carving machines customers in the purchase of machines will be through a variety of channels to understand the carpenter carving machine which brand is better, high cost performance, this phenomenon for Jinan iGolden CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is very good, which explains the customer is not just the price, the engraving machine market account for Comprehensive factors such as rate, brand reputation, quality and performance all want to know more about it, so as to consider comprehensively the machine that suits itself.

In fact, China has the world's largest supply base of engraving machines - Ji'nan engraving machines, and some large engraving machines are also in the forefront of the world, but the most important parts are still dependent on imports. The five axis woodworking processing center of Italy QUANTEC brand in the world has a certain market advantage and technical advantage, but for the domestic engraving machine users, the expensive machine price and the expensive import tariff have become the gap between Chinese users. At present, after nearly twenty years of rapid development in China's engraving machine industry, numerical control technology has reached a high level, but it is full of many small manufacturers, small workshops, even leather bags companies, the real large carving machine manufacturers are few.

Jinan iGolden CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., after nearly twenty years of rapid development, has become one of the largest manufacturers of engraving machines in China. The company has two large production bases, which are located in Shandong Qihe economic development zone and India Chennai, with the only two "municipal enterprise technology centers" in the industry. Our subsidiaries and offices have perfect after-sale systems and teams. In recent years, Chen can engraving machine, while stabilizing the domestic market, has also begun to expand the layout of the international market. Products from high matching models to economic models cover more types, and more meet the needs of different users.

Of course, when customers choose carpenter carving machines, besides considering the price and their own needs, it is necessary to choose the real quality carpenter engraving machine from the strength of the factory, the technology of assembly technology, the quality of the whole machine and the after-sales service.

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