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High Precision China Plasma Cutter Cnc Machine

CNC plasma table is a type of plasma CNC cutter with custom welding table top, which can be well adapt to cut metal projects with different sizes.Flat CNC plasma cutting machine is the most popular plasma cutting machine,It is the perfect choice for cutting thick metal plates. It saves time and labour costs. This is the characteristic of iGOLDENCNC products, combined with a set of competitive configurations.
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China plasma cutter cnc machine Overview

China plasma cutter cnc machine integrates the advantages of high-speed plasma and high-speed plasma Numerical control technology, computer software, hardware technology, plasma cutting technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech.

Plasma cutter cnc machine Description

The CNC method provides an advantage over handheld plasma cutting tools due to the cut being programmed and controlled by a computer instead of human motion. plasma cutter cnc machine is where high speed and precision meet low cost – among a vast array of additional benefits.

cnc plasma cutter designs

Plasma cutter cnc machine features:

It will start the work automatically at the point from which the power cut off

Using quality sensor switch, improve the machine working safety

High rigid frame structure can achieve high speed and high accuracy.

Precise traveling of Y axis driven by double motor ensures stable performance of machine.

Overall dust proof and water proof design protects all moving parts of machine.

Filtration system provided which filters the cutting oil from stone dust and re-circulate cutting oil ongoing.

Fast speed and high accuracy ensured by gear transmission equipped on CNC Stone.

Periodic lubrication maintenance provided by the automatic lubrication systems.

Big power subdivision motors keep stable moving, improve your working efficacy.

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There are three essential components of a cheap cnc plasma cutter: the power supply, the plasma arc starting console, and the plasma torch. The power supply of a plasma cutter converts the AC voltage into a constant DC voltage which ranges from 200 to 400 VDC. The DC voltage has to be constant to maintain the plasma arc during the cutting process. The power supply system also controls the current output based on the amount it needs to cut through certain types and thickness of materials. The thicker or more rigid the workpiece is, the greater output of electric current is required.

cnc plasma cutter designs

The plasma cutting machine can cut various metals that are difficult to cut by oxygen cutting with different working gases, especially for non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel), the cutting effect is better; such as stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel iron plate, aluminum plate, plated,copper etc. And could add flame head for cutting more thicker metal within 300mm. Thus it is widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive etc.


Company Information

In 2012, after the woodworking machinery and panel furniture production line is used for 4 years, we were deeply troubled by the high price and low quality of the woodworking machinery market. After-sales problems such as precision inaccuracy and flying dust often occur during using, so iGOLDENCNC was created. iGOLDENCNC hired a team of engineers with 20 years of industry experience. Each accessory was tested and screened more than 30 times to produce the first whole-house custom furniture production line. And in the same year, the production line was brought to the CIFM exhibition, and got more attention and praise from professional customers and received dozens of orders.

Our products include: co2 laser engraving machine, co2 laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine, cnc router machine, metal plasma cutting machine and so on .

iGOLDENCNC was officially established, achieving breakthrough from 0 to 1, and 1 to 100.

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