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1530 Single Spindle Double Knife Wood Turning Machine

The woodworking single-spindle double-knife CNC wood turning machine is designed for craftsmen, small enterprises or industrial production. The wood lathe machine is mainly used for solid wood furniture factory, staircase processing factory, solid wood handicraft factory, etc.

Single Spindle Double Knife Wood Turning Machine Description:

Single Spindle Double Turning Toos Wood Lathe (Turning) -S series. Material. furniture production, stairs, chair leg, billiards table leg, coat rack, wooden

wood turning machine

cnc wood lathe

Main Feature Of Single Axis Double Knives CNC Wood Lathe:

1、 Driving system:Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, could adjust the turning speed at any time to solve the problem of materials' vibration.

2、 Spindle:we could configure gle spindle or two spindles, single spindle could configure chuck, two spindle could process two pieces at the same time for high efficiency.

3 、Performance part: high accuracy stepper motor, after program calculating, guarantee the exact processing size.

4、 Feeding part: Taiwan TBL high quality straight line sliding rails and Germany NEFF precise ball screw, control the linear error effectively.

5、Japanese frequency converter with high stability

6、 Operation system developed by ourself with patent is easy to operate.

Single Spindle And Double Blades CNC Wood Lathe Parameter:

Maximum processing   length 1500MM
Maximum machining diameter 300MM
Control system GXK system
Inverter Best
Bed structure Heavy-duty integral casting
Transmission mode High precision TBI ball screw
Guide rail drive 25 linear rail 25 flange slider
Motor Stepper motor
Spindle speed 0——2800
Working voltage Three-phase 380V voltage
Main function Car shape
Processing range Stair column, Table and chair retreat, Bedside Column, cylindrical, cone,   arc, spherical and other rotary products

CNC Wood Lathe With Single Spindle Double Knives Details:

wood turning machine

cnc wood lathe

best wood lathe for beginners

Woodworking Single-Spindle Double-Knife CNC Wood Turning Machine Details:

cnc wood lathe

wood turning lathe

carbide wood lathe tools

CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machines Application:

CNC Lathe Machine is the popular woodturning machine. The woodworking lathe can take the workpiece rotating on its axis to achieve various operations, include cutting, turning, sanding, carving, drilling, broaching, shaped processing.

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