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Edge Banding Machine


Edge trimming machine Wood working Plywood MDF making edge banding machine

An edge banding machine is used to band straight and curve edges during the panel furniture production process. Basic functions include pre-milling, gluing, banding, end cutting, rough and fine trimming, scraping, polishing, slotting, etc. 

Edge Banding Machine Feature

1.Special and advanced gluing device with high quality and better gluing performance. 

2.With functions Gluing ,End cutting ,Rough trimming Fine trimming ,Scraping ,Buffing . 

3.With touch screen control panel ,making it more convenient and direct while running. 

4.Any errors will displayed on the screen ,make it easier to repair . 

5.The fine trimming unit with high speed motor, ensure the high quality trimming performance.

Automatic Edge Banding Machine plays the role of edgebanding in the processing process of the furniture production line. Compared with the traditional manual operation process, the sealing line of the edge bander has the advantages of straight, delicate, and smooth.