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CNC Stone Router


CNC marble machine is a kind of advanced equipment which integrates CNC(computer numerical control)technology with stone processing techniques, running of the CNC stone machine is controlled by program with the help of control system. when working, the spindle or head moves along the path which is preset in control system to carry out different works on marble materials, such as carving, engraving, cutting, edge polishing, drilling, etc.The stone engraving machine is a high-tech fully automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment capable of engraving and painting on natural stone, glass and ceramics. 

CNC Stone Cutting Machine Application field

Applicable to stone industry, stone processing industry, art relief, advertising industry, decoration and decoration industry, ceramic industry.

Stone CNC Machine Applicable materials

1. Marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other stone materials, as well as ceramic, glass, organic glass, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, bamboo and other materials.
2. Hard stone such as granite can be carved in layers to 5mm
3. Marble, bluestone, etc. can be carved to 5mm at a time

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