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  • Apr
    IGOLDENCNC Notice of Change of Company Name and Office Address

    Dear friends.IGOLDENCNC has been developed for more than ten years. Over the past ten years, we have experienced hardships and difficulties, and have grown from a few dozen people to hundreds of people, thank you for your support.With the continuous development and expansion of IGOLDENCNC's business

  • May
    4 axis CNC Router Machine for three-dimensional processing

    In various engraving industries, we are often focused on tablet engraving, such as door lines, acrylic billboards, etc., there are some need for three-dimensional engraving materials. In this case, we need a 4 axis CNC router machine to operate. The so-called axis of the CNC router refers to the three coordinate axes of XYZ plus the rotating shaft. In fact, whether it is a 3 axis or 4 axis CNC router machine, it has all the shafts, but the different 3 axis CNC routers are used in the process, only three axes are running, but the four axes are more flexible, they can start at the same time And run four axes. 4 AXIS CNC Router Machine produced by Igoldencnc Factory is a four-axis CNC router designed to handle three-dimensional materials.

  • May
    The difference between CNC router machine and laser cutting machine

    The main difference between CNC router machine and laser machine is the different engraving method. The CNC router machine uses a metal cutting machine for engraving. It has high requirements on the type and specifications of the tool. The appropriate tool must be selected according to the type, thickness, hardness and processing method (mainly engraving or cutting) of the material being processed; the laser machine uses a laser source as the engraving energy for engraving or cutting. This is a heat-based non-contact processing process that uses a focused high-power laser beam to rely on heat to perform precise cutting.

  • Apr
    How much do you know about four-process CNC router machine

    The four process CNC router machine adopts steel moving gantry, which can carry large carrier, and it is more convenient to operate, it is a relatively reliable device, which is very stability, but this device is not perfect, in the process of use, there will be some small problems. Do you know what is the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the multi process CNC router machine?

  • Apr
    Do you know what application for CNC router machine?

    CNC router machine can also be called a CNC machine, CNC wood router, CNC cutting machine, wood router machine. CNC Router is a computer-controlled machine tool. The computer is used to coordinate its programming. It is used for all kinds of timber (solid wood, hardwood, bamboo, plywood, fiberboard, etc.), foam (EPS, EVA, PU, etc.), stone (marble, granite, black stone, jade, artificial stone, etc.), plastic (acrylic, plexiglass, resin, etc.).Automatic carving (relief, plane engraving, hollow carving, 3D carving) of soft metal (aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, etc.), crystal, glass, ceramics and other materials, cutting, milling, drilling, slotting, polishing, sanding.

  • Apr
    CNC router software for CNC router machine

    The CNC router software improves processing automation by using other manufacturing processes or coordination. The CNC router software makes the engraving product more accurate and consistent. The CNC router software functions and makes the CNC router plan into reality. With the continuous change of technology, wood CNC router plans will also be upgraded, which is absolutely helpful to expand and produce more cost-effective products for customers.

  • Apr
    Misunderstanding on the speed of operation of CNC nesting machine

    The woodworking CNC nesting machine is the key composition of custom furniture production lines. How do you judge CNC nesting machine professionalism? I firmly believe that many people are concerned about the running rate of the CNC nesting machine. Do you think that its running rate is getting better, it is not.

  • Apr
    Best method for cut aluminum panel: knife, saw or CNC router ?

    How to cut aluminum panel? Many ways. Is there any best way to cut aluminum? In fact, whether aluminum blocks, plates or metal sheet, depends on what type of aluminum: aluminum or its alloy, size and thickness, cutting quality, and cutting speed.

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