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  • Nov
    How to protect your eyes when using a laser cutting machine?

    Metal laser cutting machine equipment is gradually being widely used, which has varying degrees of impact on various industries. But it should be noted that, without professional training, we must pay attention to our own protection knowledge, especially eye protection, when using the laser cutting machine.

  • Nov
    How to aviod the darkness of laser cut wood?

    Laser cut wood has high precision, gaps, fast speed and smooth cutting surface. However, because the laser focused energy melts the plate, the plate will turn black during the cutting process even if the blade is charred. Today, let us talk about how to weaken and avoid this situation.

  • Nov
    CNC routers used for wooden toys

  • Nov
    Why does the automotive industry need laser processing?

    In Japan, the United States and Europe, where the automobile industry is relatively developed, people are paying more and more attention to maintaining their market competitiveness, especially R&D capabilities. Small batch production and customized production have become the development direction. This production method combines the advantages of manual production and mass production, and avoids the disadvantages of high manual production costs and lack of flexibility in mass production.

  • Nov
    The Differences Between CNC Router and CNC Mill

    CNC machining has become increasingly popular Learn the differences between a CNC Rounter a CNC Mill Request a quote for your CNC Router today!

  • Nov
    How to Used Laser Cutter to Make Dorm Art

    I have discussed with many designers to make unique DIY decorations. The most commonly used equipment is a laser cutter, which is a computerized machine that uses a laser to cut wood and certain plastics. Here are some great real-life production projects.

  • Nov
    How to deal with cutting part burning in metal laser cutting machine

    When processing a metal laser cutting machine, the outside of the hole may be cooled, but a part of the small hole in a single hole has a small heat diffusion space, and excessive heat concentration will cause excessive combustion and slag. In addition, when cutting thick plates, the accumulation of molten metal on the metal surface and the accumulation of heat during the perforation process will cause confusion in the auxiliary airflow, and excessive heat will be input, causing edge burns.

  • Nov
    The Advantages of Furniture Cabinet CNC Router

    iGOLDENCNC Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of CNC cabinet milling machines and CNC cabinet production lines for many years. We can provide high-quality multifunctional CNC routers for domestic and foreign customers.

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