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CNC Drilling Machine


In furniture production, the CNC machinery includes CNC nesting machine with multi-head drill, side drilling machine, and six-sided drilling machine.  The drilling effect and drilling efficiency achieved by different drilling machines are quite different.It can not only realize flat punching, vertical punching, side punching, and other multiple angle punching functions can be realized by woodworking punching machines.

The application of the wood CNC drilling machine not only reduces the user's production cost but also greatly improves the user's production efficiency.  Therefore, it is favored by more and more domestic and foreign users.  Especially for users of the furniture production line, the production process has been optimized to a large extent, and it is indeed the best CNC drilling machine choice.

Woodworking drilling machines include six-sided drilling machine and side hole drilling machine.  This kind of wood drilling machines are all automatic drilling CNC equipment in the woodworking panel furniture industry.  And this type of wood drilling machine are mainly used for drilling and processing of panel furniture panels.  It is an indispensable CNC drilling machine for panel furniture production lines.

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