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Solid Wood CNC Machine


Multi function woodworking Mortiser Machine CNC Tenoning And Mortising Machine

High Performance Tenoner Woodworking Chisel Mortiser Cnc Tenoning and Mortising Machine is designed for various complex solid woodworks like tenon, jointing, milling ,drilling, cutting and even lathing, with multiple working station it is a super efficient weapon for solid woodworks.  We accept customized requirements, this machine have successfully used at Chair, desk, out door construction or furniture, gun stock production.

Cnc Mortiser And Tenon Machine

Can be used for horizontal round tenon processing, vertical round tenon processing, round tenon processing, square tenon processing, etc., and can set some non-standard shaped tenon processing.CNC Mortise and Tenon Machining Center is a multi-function CNC machining center that integrates a variety of mortise and tenon  machining.  It can clamp 4 rows different tools, each row tools have 360° arbitrary angle positioning processing function, computer intelligent control, multi-axis dual station synchronous milling type, only need to clamp the workpiece once to complete the end and surface processing, adapt to any angle of tilte.

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