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3 Axis CNC Router will bring more benefits to your business

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3 axis CNC router is the most widely used machine in the cutting industry today. Companies that focus on engraving work must replace their existing low-efficiency machines with 3 axis CNC router, which are very suitable for PVC foam, stainless steel, aluminum compounds and aluminum. Acrylic. They also help to create complex designs.

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Advantages of using 3 axis CNC router:

Work more efficiently

The 4×8 CNC router works relatively fast, so the downtime required to complete the work is much less. This leads to an increase in production, which brings profits to the companies concerned.

Reduce training time

It is easy to gain experience using a 3 axis milling machine, and people who have never seen or touched the machine can become experts in the blink of an eye. This is because the machine operates through a computer-guided interface.

Carve intricate patterns

The machine is very suitable for carving complex designs and shapes. Users can choose between CNC 4 and 3D to find the best solution to meet their needs.

Provides repeatable performance to complement mass production

By reducing operating costs, the machine can even achieve repeatability of mass production. The best part is that these machines have very few scrap parts.

Reduce the risk of injury

Using 3 axis CNC router machine can greatly reduce work-related injuries. Involving computers is one of the main reasons to prevent injuries.

If you want to build your own brand. For example, an office should display its name in bold outside the office premises. For starters, you can use billboards, neon lights or engrave names on some composite materials. So far, carving is the best way to use it. They caught people's attention and provided a new definition for the neighborhood based on style.

The following is a sample picture of the name and logo engraved by our customer using the 3 axis CNC router.

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