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4 axis CNC Router Machine for three-dimensional processing

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In various engraving industries, we are often focused on tablet engraving, such as door lines, acrylic billboards, etc., there are some need for three-dimensional engraving materials. In this case, we need a 4 axis CNC router machine to operate. The so-called axis of the CNC router refers to the three coordinate axes of XYZ plus the rotating shaft. In fact, whether it is a 3 axis or 4 axis CNC router machine, it has all the shafts, but the different 3 axis CNC routers are used in the process, only three axes are running, but the four axes are more flexible, they can start at the same time And run four axes. 4 AXIS CNC Router Machine produced by Igoldencnc Factory is a four-axis CNC router designed to handle three-dimensional materials.

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4 Axis CNC Router Machine features:

1.Igolden 4 axis CNC router machine is specifically used for 3D work, the shaft can be rotated +/- 180 degrees,

2. The main part of the 4 axis CNC router machine comes from the world famous supplier, such as the Syntec control system, Yaskawa servo motor, Shimpo Reducer, HSD HQD long-lived air cooling spindle, Delta inverter, all components from the global leader. This ensures that the 4-axis CNC router has good performance during operation.

3. The shaft can swing 180 degrees, so the machine can easily treat the circular material.

4. Comprehensive control system with Taiwan, it is convenient, no computer, saves a lot of space.

Advantages of 4 axis CNC router machine:

1. The spindle can be rotated 180 degrees to cause the CNC router to handle tablet engraving and 3D processing.

2. You can program a four-axis engraving machine to reduce human interference in a particular manufacturing process. This helps to reduce production time, ensuring increased production efficiency.

3. The machine uses heavy frameworks and gantry structures, and the robot is more robust.

4. Machine specifications can be customized according to your actual handling demand. You only need to tell employees to understand your needs, and professionals will recommend appropriate configuration and machines.


Since the 4 axis CNC router machine is not limited, the type of work efficiency and processing shape can be achieved above the 3 axis CNC router, so the 4 axis CNC router machine production and processing range is more extensive, so 4 axis CNC router machine are more expensive than 3 axis CNC routers. Finally, the 3 axis and 4 axis CNC router machine have certain differences in contact, control system, circuit structure, and engraving range. Therefore, the production and processing requirements of these two mechanical equipment are different. Therefore, it can be said that which CNC router is better. They all play their own roles in their own fields. Only CNC machines can only be taken advantage of the CNC machine only according to the reasonable choice of specific conditions and processing requirements.

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