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4 Axis CNC Router with Vacuum Table and Linear Tool Changer

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Linear ATC CNC Router with Auto Tool Changer Description:

There are two tool change modes for inline tool change and disc tool change. Widely used, including engraving, milling, chamfering, side milling, drilling, cutting, grooving, etc.

4 axis cnc machine

From small surface engraving to large organic shapes, this machine will truly allow your creativity to run wild.

Featuring a linear automatic 8-tool changer, this is the most advanced CNC router we offer, capable of machining complex surfaces over the entire surface of the 4' x 8' bed.

The table has four independently controlled vacuum zones to secure your workpieces during cutting operations.

3d wood carving machine

3d cnc wood carving machine

4 Axis CNC Router with Linear Tool Changer FEATURES:

  • Linear automatic 8-tool changer,This CNC Router is the 3D, 4 axises CNC Router machine, with linear auto tool changer function,can change 8 piece tools once time.

  • HSD air-cooled spindle motor,

  • Vacuum table with four independently controlled zones

  • Tool touch-off pad for quickly setting Z-axis height

  • Two-stage air vacuum pump (requires separate 3-phase, 220V hardwire connection)

  • with scanner or designed photo, it can do any 3D engraving and 2D engraving.

  • Helical rack-and-pinion X- and Y- gantry travel

  • 4th-axis machining capability around Y-axis

4th Rotary Axis CNC Router Lathe Machine

CNC router lathe machine (rotary CNC router) is a type of multifunctional CNC machine kit with 4x8 table size for flatbed full sheet cutting, relief carving, and 4th axis for 3D rotary milling.   The T-slot vacuum table is used for board cutting, edging, carving, drilling and grooving, and the rotary device for turning, like a lathe machine.

4 axis cnc router machine

The spindle of the conventional type is unable to rotate.  So there are only three axes X, Y, and Z. To see how the 4 axis spindle rotation works, let's move to the next part.

It has four motion axes, namely X, Y, Z, and A axes.  The A-axis here refers explicitly to the spindle rotation;  it can mill within the range of plus or minus 120 degrees.  Besides, we have equipped it with a linear automatic tool changer.  (We will dig deeper why this option is essential later) The spindle and motion motor is the world's top brands, HSD and Yaskawa.  The CNC controller is also a famous brand-the SYNTEC from Taiwan. 2023 best 4 axis cnc router with automatic tool changer for sale at a reasonable price now!

Liner Auto Tool Changer CNC 4 axis Cutting Router 1325

4 Axis CNC Router is suitable for cutting and engraving 3D workpieces, such as foam molds, wood and stone sculpture and statues except for the basic applications. In addition, it can also drill side holes or make side grooves or slots on the side of wood panels. The 4 axis ATC CNC router has an extensive use in sculpture and statue making, mold, furniture, decoration, craft, advertising and other fields.

4 axis router machine

4 axis cnc wood

Best 4 Axis CNC Router with 8ft x 4ft Vacuum Bed

Model No. 1325 ATC CNC   Router with rotary axis
Type Automatic Tool Changer 4 Axis CNC Router
Max.Simultaneous Axis Qty Four
Machine Base Heavy-duty, finish by CNC machining center, not a simple handjob
Working Bed PVC Vacuum with embedded T-slot
Bed Size 1300x2500mm (4'x8')
Flatbed Clamping By vac-sorb or clamps
X-Axis Stroke 1300mm [48"]
Y-Axis Stroke 2500mm [96"]
Z-Axis Stroke 300mm [11.8"]
A-Axis Stroke ±120°
Electric Spindle Italian HSD auto tool change spindle, 9.0Kw, 24000rpm, ISO30 tool holder or China 9.0Kw ATC Spindle
Collet Size ER32
Acceptable Tool Diameter 3.175 ~ 20mm (1/8 "~ 3/4")
Tool Bank Linear type automatic tool changer with 8 positions
Electronic Cabinet Individual, with cooling heat exchanger
Tool Length Sensor Included
Position Accuracy 0.10mm/300mm
Reposition Accuracy 0.10mm/300mm
Motion Drive Yaskawa servo 850 watts - 4 SETS, 400 watts - 1 SET
Driver Yaskawa
Fast Travel Speed 60,000mm/min
Max. Cutting Speed 45,000mm/min
CNC Controller SYNTEC 4 Axis Control
X-Axis Transmission Helical rack and pinion, planetary gearcase
Y-Axis Transmission Helical rack and pinion, planetary gearcase
Z-Axis Transmission Rolling ballscrew, 25mm, pitch 10mm
A-Axis Transmission Harmonic gearcase
X Linear Guides Square type, 25mm
Y Linear Guides Square type, 25mm
Z Linear Guides Square type, 25mm
Communication Command G code
Compatible Programming Software ArtCAM, Aspire, PowerMILL, UG
Other Electronics Schneider, Omron, CHNT
Cables High softness shielding cables for the whole machine
Lubrication System Volumetric Central lubricating, auto type
Vacuum Pump Water-ring 5.5kw or Dry-type 5.5kw
Working Power AC380V/50Hz, 3Ph (or AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph)
Max. Power Consumption 25KW
Net Weight 1,400KGS
Gross Weight 1,500KGS
Package Way Plywood Case
Package Dimension 3360*2250*2230mm (16.80CBM Approx.)
Option Devices 1) Movable adsorption blocks   2)Dust collector

Best 4 Axis CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer

Q: How can it be transported to its final destination? What I meant for transport is, once the container is unloaded, how will it be possible to move it to our island and into the workshop? How heavy is it? Can several people lift it, or does it need a forklift?

A: Yes, you'll need a forklift as the CNC is 1500 or 1950KGS.

Q: What Support Will You Give If We Purchase from You?

A: You will get a perfect solution that gets both software programming and hardware operation involved from us. EagleTec CNC not only sells cnc machines but more importantly, we will guide you to put your device into production step by step. Technical support is also a crucial part of the product value. About this, please refer to our testimonials.

Q: What 4 Axis CNC Router Software Shall We Use to Make Programming for This 4 Axis CNC Router with ATC?

A: There are two commonly used software: PowerMILL and UG. If your design file is ***.stl, we should program the toolpath in PowerMILL; we can use other formats to use UG.

Q: What Is the Lead Time for This Linear ATC 4 Axis CNC Router with 8 Tools?

A: We put your order into production on receipt of the down payment, and the lead time is 20 business days.

Q: What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer for This Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router

A: It's It's a 12-months warranty since the departure. Under warranty, you'll enjoy free replacement for any broken parts except Vulnerable parts. After that, we provide you with constant free online support; for spare parts replacement, it will be charged based on materials cost.

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