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5 axis cnc router is essential for your business

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5 axis CNC router is very popular in various industrial fields. Since the machine is designed to accurately cut 3D graphics and geometric patterns, it can cut wood and aluminum without any problems.

A variety of functions

According to industry standards, 5 axis CNC machine has many basic functions, which is very important.

Large working area: 

Due to the large size of the machine, you can make full-size souvenirs for homes and commercial places. 5 axis CNC engraving machine can engrave surreal images, these images can attract everyone's attention. The only selling point of the device is strength and durability. Although it has been working for a long time, it is not subject to wear due to the welding of the steel frame.

High speed: 

HSD 10Kw spindle is equipped with powerful power, which can achieve high speed when cutting materials. You can add an 8-position ATC rotor to the mix to improve machine efficiency. The user must lubricate the protective cover and guide block to achieve a perfect cutting operation. When you turn the material into a seductive mannequin, you won't notice the annoying sounds that towers often make.

Vacuum pump: 

The manufacturer added a vacuum pump to the mixture to achieve strong adhesion. When the machine vibrates during work, it can stabilize the machine. In order to increase the speed, a servo drive is installed inside the machine. Provide excellent power for 5 axis CNC rotuer.

Oil mist cooling system: 

Tthis system can cut non-ferrous metals such as plastics. The machine control system plays an important role in ferrous metal processing. The machine comes with a T-slot camping table, which can be used during the conversion process. The three-phase dust collector is a revelation that helps reduce the chaos after the process is complete. Cutting wood will release a lot of solid waste, which will be scattered throughout the upper jaw, so it is important to activate the exhaust fan during the cutting process.

Numerical control system: 

5 axis CNC router machine can be easily connected to a personal computer, and output can be managed without a manual interface. Open the application on the computer and set the speed to virtual mode to observe the performance of the high-precision paper cutter. Since there are imported ball screws on the X axis, the 5 axis CNC milling machine is a representative of precision. You must directly enter the specifications in the computer, and then click the "Submit" button to start the cutter. Now, let us continue to introduce the application of this popular machine.

Thanks to the perfect performance of 5 axis CNC router, they can be used for a variety of applications, especially for engraving charming characters on wood, aluminum and other hard surfaces.

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