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6 Cost-saving Benefits of Stone Cutting Machine

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Why buy a CNC stone machine?

If you want to evaluate different types of CNC machine tools, please consider using stone cutting machine for the following reasons:

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1. Can cut various materials

Speaking of versatility, you will get greater flexibility than stone cutting machine. You no longer need to outsource other cutting tasks.

In addition, you can start more work immediately. Therefore, not only can costs be saved. It can also increase your income.

2. Get a high-quality finish every time you cut, thereby increasing productivity

For many CNC machines, you need to do some sorting work to complete the project and finally get satisfied customers. However, the water circulation cutting head of the stone CNC router will produce smooth and clean cuts, which can be cleaned without additional sanding.

3. Environmental protection means you don't have to spend money

Stone cutting machine will not release harmful exhaust gas into the air. You don't even have to think about how this affects the environment. This means you don't have to spend money on environmental protection measures.

4. Does the sprinkler consume a lot of water?

Do not. When they use water, they use the water efficiently. Faster cutting speeds further increase productivity. It cannot exceed the cutting speed of the water jet. It can cut up to 2,700 IPMs, making it one of the fastest CNC machines on the market.

Therefore, you can complete more work in a shorter time. The operating cost of the stone CNC router is lower. In addition, since this is the first time that high quality has been achieved, its work efficiency has been rated as the most effective cutting through stone cutting.

5. Save raw materials

The cutting width of the stone cutting machine is small. This means they remove less material. For you, this also means saving raw material costs.

6. Get a prototype quickly

Prototyping can be time-consuming. However, since the cutting speed of the stone cutting machine is fast, it takes less time to engrave the sample.

Save time by testing multiple prototypes. This can shorten the time to market. It is really difficult to accurately estimate the time and money saved in the prototyping process.

The stone CNC router obviously has great potential and can save you time and money. You can now better understand how they work and can decide whether it makes sense for your business.

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