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ATC CNC Router Machine Achieve High-End Custom Furniture Products with Six-sided CNC Drilling Machine

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With the rise of custom furniture industry, the CNC router machine with auto tool change function began to enter the furniture factory, replacing the original precision table saw into the mainstream drilling, cutting equipment in the furniture factory, greatly reduced the production of custom furniture. Getting started, after a period of development, the ATC CNC router machine and six-sided CNC drilling machine has become a combination plan for custom furniture production, and some high-end custom furniture manufacturers have started using professional automatic side holes. Realize a special processing method of special machine, the ATC CNC router machine is only responsible for the cutting board, the automatic edge banding machine is only responsible for the edge, and the side hole drilling machine are only responsible for drilling. This ensures that the samples are very beautiful.

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The CNC router machine combine side hole drilling machine use, although it improves the process of furniture production, but due to the function of the side hole drilling machine, can only process four sides and fronts of the workpiece, therefore, forcing the CNC equipment manufacturer, R & D design and production of higher-end CNC processing centers. 


So six-sided CNC drilling machine is becoming. Many manufacturers who can produce CNC six-sided CNC drilling machine are not too much, our IGOLDENCNC is one of them. At that time, the six-sided CNC drilling machine were also developed after the CNC drilling technology.


At present, six-sided CNC drilling machine has gradually become most custom furniture factories, mainstream CNC drilling equipment. ATC CNC router machine with auto loading table match CNC Six-side drilling machine have become a standard for measuring the finished furnished product, which is widely used in furniture production.


Why is the ATC CNC machines with six-sided CNC drilling machine to achieve high-end custom furniture production, mainly compared to CNC engraving machines and side holes machine, and the production process of board furniture is mainly: drilling, pulling slot, cutting board, edge seal. Drilling includes a side aperture and a front and reverse face, as a normal CNC engraving machine can solve the front and reverse face processing and cutting trough processing, but the side hole requires a professional device to solve it, then the six-sided drilling machine can solve the digital control equipment of the front and reverse face, the side facial hole, and the front-side channels in one time.

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The previous old process is a normal CNC router machine with a conventional side hole machine for production, all the apertures, need to process the forward and reverse face holes on the CNC, and then process the side faces on the side holes, the accuracy error of the plate hole position is affirmative. It is the accumulation of the error of the two devices. However, today's new technologies, the ATC CNC router machine are produced with professional six-sided drills, and the CNC only needs to perform a cutting board. The six-sided drilling machine are positioned once, and the holes and positive anti-face tanks of the machining plates, the accuracy error is one The error of the equipment is greatly reduced, and the processing accuracy is improved.


Therefore, the ATC CNC router combine with six-sided drill machine production is more accurate, and it has gradually become a large-scale furniture factory and the ability of the manufacturer's main production equipment, and can be upgraded on this basis, realization unmanned , intelligent custom furniture making machine.


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