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All You Need to Know About CNC Machining

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CNC machining is an advanced metal processing technology in which written regulations control the entire processing process. This code can perform all tasks, including spindle speed, cutter head movement, rpm, etc.

Half a century ago, the mechanic was fully responsible for making every part, but now the situation has changed. Yes, in today's automated manufacturing industry, your extensive knowledge and practical experience are still essential. However, in order to maintain the same dimensional accuracy, it is best to use a computer.

The value of CNC machining brings the company:

Continuous use

Unlike manual work, CNC machines (except for maintenance and troubleshooting) can run continuously without interference. Therefore, efficiency and productivity are greatly improved.


The great thing about CNC machining is that the design of any product only needs to be programmed once. Regardless of the quantity ordered, the design can be copied exactly.

Low skill requirements

Another advantage associated with CNC cutting machine is that with very little training, there is no need for formal training to use them. On the other hand, manual machines require special skills and years of practice to operate.

Reduce labor

As the programmed computer software is used to manage the entire mechanical process, we need fewer technicians to supervise the operation, thereby reducing the overall labor cost.


Another advantage associated with CNC machining is that the software can be easily and quickly reprogrammed to manufacture different parts, so that the operation can be adapted to the changing needs of customers.


CNC machining technology uses computer precision to push the limits of manual functions. Using machine makes it easier to manage more complex operations. Column manufacturing can enhance various CNC machining capabilities, including milling, turning, forming and stamping.


Composed of CNC router machine

Input device

Various input devices include compression devices, optical discs and other modern data transmission components.

Parts Processing

Each part of the machine is a high-precision system, which can be machined to obtain the final product. Encapsulates the system that controls the machine parts and the cutting spindle; the process supervisor responds to pre-programmed computer-aided control logic.

Machine control unit

The core of CNC machine is a high-value logic control panel, which is composed of a control circuit unit (CLU) and a data processing unit (DPU). The component management program of the data processing unit receives and decodes. Once intercepted, the decoded data will be transmitted to the control loop unit as an electrical signal.

Drive System

This is another important part of CNC cutting machine, it responds to pre-programmed instructions to cut the final product into predetermined shapes and designs. In its simplest form, it includes a series of drive motors.

Feedback device

In order to operate CNC machine effectively, relay feedback is required during and after completion.


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