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Automatic tool changer to increase productivity

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If you are considering automating part of your business but are not sure where to start, consider the current tool selection process. Manually suspending work to change tools wastes a lot of time, which can be used in other areas, such as expanding product lines or making new sales. ATC CNC router machine can complete all tasks, which is an ideal solution to increase the productivity of CNC machine.

Reasons for automation

Recently, there has been a great interest in business automation. As part of the rebranding campaign, we focus on manufacturing automation to help you improve your business capabilities and achieve higher profit margins. This is part of our commitment to continue to provide you with high-quality products and services. ATC CNC router machine is a good example. Its recent redesign has added more options to the 10 and 14 tools units to provide more options than the original 7 and 21 tools systems, which are sometimes too small or too large. More tool choices mean more opportunities for reduction strategies, thereby helping these ideas continue to evolve.

Other benefits:

  • ATC CNC router machine reduce the total production time and make the process more efficient.

  • This is safer because it does not require employees to change tools directly.

  • Less risk of losing or damaging tools when changing tools manually

  • Bulk multifunctional tool, easier to use.

How does ATC CNC router machine work

The ATC CNC router machine equipped with high-end the spindle and control system, they can be automatically calibrated by sensors located directly on the turntable. Once completed, you can start processing. Without operator intervention, the system will automatically select the correct tool based on the tool defined in the program and complete the job as soon as possible.

The ATC CNC router machine is compatible with all high-power quick-release milling spindles. As one of our most popular setting options, the automatic tool changer is compatible with all CNC machines.


Important requirements

Before placing an order, you need to make sure that the CNC router is ready for set auto tool change. If you are not sure, please take a look at the gantry, there should be enough space at the end to install the tools, which will make the gantry asymmetrical in appearance. If so, then you are fine!

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