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Basic Knowledge of 5 Axis CNC Router Machine

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1. The basic structure of a 5 axis CNC router machine: lathe mechanism, spindle motor, transmission mode, control system, controller, stepper/servo motor, guide rail, inverter, pump, vacuum cleaner, etc. The controller drives the motor, and the frequency converter is the main shaft.

2. 5 axis CNC router machine are usually made of steel frames. Our bed is hardened to reduce internal pressure. The so-called quenching treatment refers to the immersion treatment of steel in a time period below the critical temperature after quenching or normalizing treatment, and cooling at a certain rate to improve the toughness of the material. According to metallurgical principles, we know that after quenching and normalizing treatment, some carbides may be precipitated and some residual stresses caused by quenching may be eliminated, thereby improving the toughness and flexibility of the material. Obviously, the effect of tempering depends on tempering temperature, time, cooling rate and other factors.

3. The spindle 5 axis CNC router machine is divided into two groups: air-cooled and water-cooled. Usually use domestic water cooling and Italian air cooling. The most popular Italian brands are HSD.

4. Engine. The engine and the pilot are integrated. Igoldencnc 5 axis CNC router machine are high-quality motors.

5. Transmission method includes rack unit and lead screw. The frame rate is fast and the accuracy is low. It is usually used in woodworking machinery. The screw speed is slower and the accuracy is higher. It is usually used in advertising machines. The practice of most manufacturers is XY axis support and Z axis ball screw.

6. There are many control systems. Common brands are Shanghai Weihong (NC), DSP handle and Taiwan Baoyuan M520i (LNC), of which NC is the most widely used.

Comparison between Weihong and DSP:

Answer: Weihong is connected to the PC computer. You can draw directly on the computer, and then directly import the engraving program and process it. DSP must use U disk to connect DSP handle, which is very inconvenient.

B. Weihong operating system is more stable. DSP identifiers are prone to problems, U disks are prone to viruses, programs will be destroyed, and there are many problems.

C. Weihong's optimization effect is better, and the carving path is smoother, which is better than DSP.

D. The memory of the DSP controller is only 128MB. Due to limited file storage space, files must be permanently deleted.

7. Guide rail: It is divided into circular guide rail and rectangular linear guide rail (square guide rail). The stability and accuracy of imported rectangular linear guide rail can reach 30 times of the national cylindrical guide rail.

8. Vacuum pump. The advertising machine does not have a pump, because the advertising machine is a T-slot aluminum counter, and the woodworking machine is a vacuum pump, because the woodworking machine is a PVC adsorption counter. The PVC adsorption tabletop is made of double-layered PVC boards 25mm thick and 15mm thick, so the table is very strong. The function of the vacuum pump is to generate suction, suck parts and fix them. The choice of vacuum pump depends on the size of the machine platform.

9. Vacuum adsorption includes using a vacuum pump to suck the air under the table and using vacuum to firmly adsorb the panel. Most manufacturers now produce six-zone vacuum adsorption tables.

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