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Best 3 Axis CNC Wood Machine for Woodworking

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Woodworking has become a popular activity among enterprises and civilians because of its wide use in various industries.Woodworking is the technique, skill, or process of using wood to make useful or required items.

It includes cabinet making, woodcarving woodworking, joinery, woodworking and other things related to woodworking.Woodworking exists in a vivid form, depending on the work of each industry.

Before choosing the best 3 axis CNC wood machine, two things need to be clarified: the purpose and budget for purchasing the milling machine.


What do you want to use CNC machine for?

Among the different routers available on the market, each type is best suited for certain specific categories. Therefore, whether it is used for drilling, cutting, reaming or mechanical engraving, you need to know what purpose it is used for? Please confirm your intention, if you are going to cut wooden objects into specific shapes, you need to assemble a special CNC router machine to solve the cutting problem. This is also true in other drilling, etching or reaming situations. In addition, CNC routers are only the best choice if they can meet your exact needs.


Here are some thoughts from 3 axis CNC wood machine users (from the forum):

•Your Requirements:

Choosing the router that best suits your needs is a difficult decision. There are a variety of 3 axis CNC wood machine that can be used as metal cutting machines. Suppose you are looking at a CNC machine, but there are CNC panel saws, drilling, reaming, pin insertion, etc.

I would never consider a table smaller than 4×8. You will lose energy until you drop it and buy a 4×8 capacity machine. You will also receive a tool changer. In addition, he will need more help because he can only tell you what he wants to buy for his job.

• Know your size:

A retired teacher Barron suggested that if he buys a 3 axis CNC wood machine himself, it will be 4'X 8', including a tool changer and at least three tools.

MasterCam will become his favorite CAD/CAM because he knows this, but it costs him a lot of money.

There will definitely be cheap CAD/CAM that can do the same job. If you want to make wardrobe parts, then the vacuum workbench is perfect for you.

He didn't have this choice at school, so he used double-sided tape on everything.


An anonymous person wrote that he has extensive experience in using high-end machines and software.

However, I don't know of any entry-level machines. I use Mastercam to program Fanuc, but until 5 years ago, I have been using Busellato dialog control.

Simple things are easy to program. You can program similar parts, allowing you to enter certain variables.

The device can be used with certain parts of the cabinet and is powerful. For beginners, learning seems much easier.

It comes from g-code machine manufacturers, etc. It takes you longer to figure out what you want to know, and once it is done, it is very easy and does not require camera software to program it.

The importance of related parties:

Another 3 axis CNC wood machine user is working on a milling machine owned by a local school, which seems to be a good machine they want to make.

It comes with software for drawing room features in different colors. According to your preferences, it is out of control.

This particular router is 4×4 and has no tool changer.

Without a tool changer, you will feel frustrated.

One of your customers talked about 4×8 tool change technology and used it to make many parts.

What is your budget?

Your budget is very important for choosing practical and affordable machines.

For example, if you want to buy high-end materials for projects with relatively low wood prices, it is not necessary.

Therefore, it is recommended to check the affordable budget before purchasing any such machine.

The best 3 axis CNC wood machine will be the best product that can meet your woodworking needs and can be obtained within your budget.

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