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Best method for cut aluminum panel: knife, saw or CNC router ?

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How to cut aluminum panel? Many ways. Is there any best way to cut aluminum? In fact, whether aluminum blocks, plates or metal sheet, depends on what type of aluminum: aluminum or its alloy, size and thickness, cutting quality, and cutting speed.

薄铝板雕刻  薄铝板镂铣雕刻

# 1 Best way to cut aluminum panel of thin and small : saw or shear, cut

How to cut aluminum, thick, have some handles or electric tools reference:

1.Handle Electric Shear / Handle Metal Shear / Aviation Shear / Metal Scissors: Metal Cutting (1-2 mm), linear and curves;

2.Band Saw: Ideal tool for true thick plates;

3. Circular saw / desktop saw / oblique saw: linear cutting is great. Not so much for curves;

4. Recip SAW / JIG saw: cutting curve solution;

5. SHARP UTILITY knife + straight edge: other options for thin metal;


铝雕 (3)  铝雕

# 2 Best way to cut aluminum panel of thick and large: CNC cutting machine

Here, we mainly discuss the best way to cut thick aluminum plates, which also helps other aluminum.

CNC laser cutting machine for aluminum cutting:

The metal laser cutter always uses the fiber laser source, and the aluminum plate can be cut into different thicknesses. But we should understand some symbols before the end decision:

Aluminum is sensitive to high temperature, requiring nitrogen protection, original color of alumina resistance;

Laser cutting aluminum is fast, but rapid cutting brings a small burr. Slow cutting may bring deformation or crack, so obtain the correct cutting setting parameter takes time;

Fiber laser cutting aluminum is mainly used for less than 25 mm: 2000W laser aluminum cutting 6-8 mm, 4000W for laser aluminum cutting 12 mm, 6000W for laser aluminum cutting 16 mm;


CNC plasma cutting machine for aluminum plate cut:

CNC Plasma cutter is a considerable method of cutting aluminum plates, plasma heat brings some small physical or chemical changes to the cutting edge, cutting dust contamination, and we should take measures to perform dust control and collection.

Plasma cutting machine can cut aluminum at a thickness of 100 mm.


CNC router machine for aluminum plate cutting:

CNC router cutting is a milling process, which is the best way to engrave aluminum engraving, but not the best way to cut aluminum plates.

However, the best point for the CNC router is that it can change its tool bits to a saw. This may be a way of thin aluminum cutting. For CNC routers, we can cool the work piece through water moist work piece.


CNC milling machine for aluminum plate cut:

CNC milling cuts like a CNC router, in some places, they are the same concept. In general, milling machines have higher power, mainly for metal milling.

The CNC milling machine is not for fast and large amounts of cutting production, which is for precious cutting or engraving, the best way is to manufacture high quality aluminum spare parts.


Waterjet for aluminum plate cut:

Waterjet is a high-pressure cutting, which is not a convenient way to cut aluminum plates.


Typically, we recommend a small piece of saw or shear, and a CNC plasma cutting machine or laser cutting machine for cutting of large and thick aluminum plates.

There are other ways not mentioned: such as wire cutting, stamping cutting, etc., which are mainly used for cutting special purposes.

The best way to cut aluminum panels depends on many factors, please choose a machine according to your facts and come to our sales manager.

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