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Build quality surfboards? You need CNC wood cutting machine

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Did you know that there are 17 to 35 million surfers in the wave every year? When it comes to paddle boarding, more than 22 million passengers stand up paddle boarding in the United States alone. It has not even counted the number of people in the fishing industry-it is the third most popular entertainment venue in the world today.

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It is this high profile that makes water sports such as stand-up surfing, surfing and fishing a very profitable industry, especially for cardboard manufacturers. Surfers, fishermen and boaters are very familiar with the quality of the equipment they choose, so it is necessary to use a cnc wood cutting machine to improve production quality standards to meet their needs.

Ten qualities customers want on water sports boards

Like all other water sports, fishing, surfing and boating have their own dangers. Although the death toll may be lower than other sports, if the wrong materials are used, the death toll may become dangerous.

However, if the printed circuit board is constructed correctly, it is considered "good". Therefore, manufacturers must manufacture circuit boards with certain specifications in order to provide buyers with a safe, convenient and pleasant environment. In this way, you will become a leading manufacturer of advanced paddle boards/surf boards/fishing boards.

Important criteria that surfers, stand-up paddlers and anglers will consider when buying surfboards:


In terms of materials, when using a cnc wood machine to process foam, all three water panels can work normally. This material is very light, very buoyant and very thick. This provides users with protection, comfort and convenience. Other materials that can be made from water sports boards include plastic, wood, and epoxy fiberglass.

Helmet design

If you want to buy surfboards and paddle boards, customers will look for helmets with high safety. These shells are flat and wide and can slide on water, providing users with greater stability. The angler chooses a planing hull or a drainage hull according to the type of water to be fished and the required speed.

Suitable width

People with better stability and balance usually choose a narrower surfboard because it provides faster speed. Generally, the width of the paddle board is between 32 and 34 inches, and the width of the surfboard is between 18 and 22 inches. The CNC wood router can control the width of the plate more intelligently and conveniently.

Length, height and weight of the sheets

Fishing machine is usually 8" -12". The length of the surfboard is usually 6'2" -7'2", sometimes it may be longer. The length of the paddle board is usually 10 to 11 feet. But again, these depend on whether speed is important to users or stability. In terms of weight, lighter surfboards, paddleboards and planed boards are better because they have little resistance in the water.

Volume and thickness

Surfers usually look for 2¼"-3¼" thick surfboards, while surfers look for 5"-6" thick paddleboards. Planed boards are usually small. But they must be heavy to avoid being knocked over by fast or rough fish. Therefore, it is very suitable to use cnc wood carving machine to process this heavier material.

Fin adjustment

Those who use water sports boards in calm waters with restricted movement can choose boards with fewer than three fins. However, if you want to use the board in rough water or use it often, it is best to use 3-5 fins.

put up

The shape of the tail, the shape of the nose, the outline of the plank and other design/construction elements depend on the user's personal preference and usage. These functions determine the speed, stability and difficulty of boarding. CNC wood cutting machine has higher machining accuracy and can better improve stability.


For paddle boards and surfboards, when the user's weight is heavier, a larger and more stable board is required. If they use pets or a lot of surfing/paddling equipment, the planks they need are too large and stable. This prevents the plank from tipping over in the water. Similarly, the fish planing board must be heavy and thick to be more stable, otherwise there is a danger of tipping over.

Available locations

One of the most important prerequisites for surfboards, planed boards and paddle boards is that they must be versatile enough to be used in any type of water. "Multifunctional" boards are more popular than disposable boards.

Manual manufacturing does not always help these manufacturers effectively meet all these conditions. They must use the right technology to build safe and easy-to-use circuit boards. This is the advantage of CNC wood cutting machine.

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