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CNC Woodworking Machine Meet Your Wood Processing Needs

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The most widely used CNC woodworking machine is in the wood processing industry. Whether it is in Europe, America, or Asia, Southeast Asia, the CNC woodworking machine has liberated the hands of traditional woodworking, instead of manual work, for wood processing. Now many factories often receive orders for customized wood products, more or less, so woodworking machines can improve processing efficiency. CNC machines are not only suitable for factories, some woodworking enthusiasts or individual studios, who want to design graphics patterns created by them, can also use CNC woodworking machine

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What is a CNC woodworking machine?

Woodworking machine is a type of CNC engraving machine. There are many types of CNC engraving machines, including CNC woodworking machine, advertising engraving machines and stone engraving machines, EPS foam cutting machine, etc. The CNC woodworking machine is an automated machine. The user can use the software in the computer to design the desired pattern and then import it into the machine system. The machine can engrave the pattern that the user wants according to a certain code. The CNC woodworking machine is specially designed for processing wooden materials. It is specially designed for the production of wooden doors, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, and craft wooden products. It can be carved, hollowed, milled and other processing. The machine has fast processing speed, high precision, large bearing capacity and long service life. Therefore, the woodworking engraving machine is an essential equipment for the wooden door industry, cabinet industry, furniture industry and other industries.

Types of CNC woodworking machine

According to different applications, woodworking machines can be further subdivided into three types: wood engraving machines, furniture making machines and 4 axis router machine.

Wood carving machines are specially used for processing wooden doors, cabinet doors and closet doors and other furniture industries. The configuration of this kind of engraving machine is generally higher than that of ordinary CNC woodworking machine, usually equipped with a vacuum adsorption table, because we want to ensure the effect of processing samples.

Furniture making machine is mainly used to produce modern furniture, antique furniture and office supplies. In order to improve the processing efficiency and the beauty of the furniture, we are usually equipped with an automatic tool change function, or use multiple spindles and motors for multiple processes to work, which can be mass-produced.

4 axis engraving machine is mainly used to process wooden crafts and works of art. It is also equipped with multiple spindles for processing, and different tools are used for different processing. Multi-spindle machine can not only reduce costs, but also improve production efficiency.

Finally, the most common CNC woodworking machine is the 1325 model. Of course, we can customize the machine according to your needs, and its internal configuration and parts can also be selected according to your specific needs. There must be a suitable machine for you.

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Advantages of CNC woodworking machine

1. iGOLDENCNC woodworking machines usually use linear guide rails and are equipped with pretensioners, which can be adjusted intelligently when there is a gap. The adopted frame has high rigidity, which makes the whole machine processing stable, high processing precision, and reduces machine vibration and shaking.

2. CNC woodworking machine is very suitable for the processing of wood and board. It is very suitable for woodworking furniture manufacturing, woodworking crafts manufacturing and advertising sign processing industries.

3. The CNC woodworking machine has a three-dimensional scanning system. After the processing pattern is designed in the computer, it can quickly scan the complex pattern into an editable system and import it into the machine.

4. We also produce more powerful CNC machine, such as 4 axis or 5 axis CNC engraving machine are also our best-selling machine models. This type of machine allows wood CNC machines to process four or five workpieces simultaneously. The machine is fully automated, smarter, more suitable for mass production, and improves processing and production efficiency.

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