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CNC beginners use CNC wood machine to make money

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If you are a beginner and know nothing about CNC router, you can be sure! CNC wood machine is not a complicated machine tool, it is very easy to learn how to use it. Through simple learning, you can easily create articles and make money. We introduced some useful crafts that CNC craftsmen can do, but it may be difficult for beginners. Therefore, in the following content, we will introduce some simple projects that can be tried on wood CNC router. First, let us assume which CNC router is suitable for CNC beginners.

Which CNC router is suitable for CNC beginners?

Basic 3 axis mini CNC machine (60 * 90mm working table size). The machine is very compact and cheap. It is cheap and easy to operate. With this CNC engraving machine, you can cut or engrave various materials quickly and with high precision.

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Make money with CNC wood machine: Household Decoration

You can try to use wood router to make many simple household items. The first is the corkscrew. Prepare a carbide sheet (approximately 2 mm thick) to open the corkscrew. Use a machine to process the bottle opener in one go. You can also create photo frames. CNC engraving machine can help you carve exquisite patterns on the frame. Manual work cannot accomplish this task, but a CNC cutting machine can do it easily.

This is just an example for your reference. You can try to use CNC router to make any other household items.

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Make money with CNC wood machine: Coaster

Coasters are very popular in high-end restaurants, cafes or hotels. People also like to use it for home decoration. You can use woodworking CNC to create unique coasters. For example, engrave the restaurant’s name or logo on a roller coaster or cut it into a unique shape. In addition, you can sell the coaster to individual consumers and they will like it. The use of CNC wood machine to make coasters is very effective. In addition, the surface of the finished coaster is smooth, so you don't need to redo it.


Use CNC wood machine to make money: Building Blocks

The simplest toy should be building blocks. Many children like to stack blocks. Even some teenagers or adults like them. The building block processing is very simple. You only need to cut them into the correct shape and size, engrave text or symbols on them, and paint them with beautiful colors.


Remember, as we all know, making money is not always as easy as you expect. Therefore, when running CNC business, please consider the following suggestions.

1. Don't quit your full-time job, your CNC wood machine can make a profit. If you do not have enough CNC skills, you can take CNC business as a part-time job. After obtaining stable custom resources, the income from CNC machining is enough to sustain your life, and even far exceeds your main job salary, then you can consider spending all your time on CNC business.

2. Look for potential market segments. Each project has its specific target customization group. Before deciding to produce crafts, please check their marketability in your area. If many stores sell the same product and few people need it, then the product is not ideal for your CNC business. Find unique religious products to buy in your area.

3. Promote your handicrafts. Once the crafts are produced, how will you sell them and let more people know about your CNC business? You can promote CNC activities in two ways: online promotion and offline promotion. First, for offline promotions, you can distribute brochures or organize handicraft activities in your area, and let more people know your CNC woodworking workshop. In addition, you can prepare gifts and invite people to visit your workshop. On the other hand, online promotion has huge potential. You can sell products on eBay, Etsy, Facebook.


If you are interested in the CNC wood machine industry and want to start your own business, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve your problems.

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