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CNC router software for CNC router machine

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The CNC router software improves processing automation by using other manufacturing processes or coordination. The CNC router software makes the engraving product more accurate and consistent. The CNC router software functions and makes the CNC router plan into reality. With the continuous change of technology, wood CNC router plans will also be upgraded, which is absolutely helpful to expand and produce more cost-effective products for customers. As a carman manufacturer or a CNC router software beginner, how much is your CNC router program?


CNC router software type

The entire processing process of the CNC, from the design to manufacturing, mainly three different types of software, namely CAD, CAM, and CNC control software. They are all free and paid two versions.

CAD, representing computer-aided design, used to convert the idea of the CNC router plan or CNC project to a drawing or file.

CAM, represents computer-assisted manufacturing, and is software that converts file signals into G code, which can be understood by Wood CNC Router.

The CNC control software is used to handle the G code and transmit the drive signal to move the CNC router spindle along the desired path.


Application of CNC Router Software

CNC technology has an impact on various aspects of the manufacturing industry. The CNC wood engraving machine has replaced the traditional engraving method, and the CNC router software also replaces manual drawing to quickly and more accurately express the CNC router plan. To learn about each of the three types of wood CNC router software, you need to know the workflow of the CNC router machine.

The working process of the CNC router machine can be briefly summarized as the following three stages:

  • Design model

  • Generate G code

  • G code allows the CNC router to work according to our design path

Through the above stage, the first step is used using CAD software, and the second step is used. The third step is achieved by the CNC control software.

Below I will detail the CNC router software used in these processes.


#STEP 1 Design your model - CNC CAD software

First, the operator creates a design using the template provided on CAD software or CAD software. This step makes your CNC project idea to vector files.

The CNC CAD software is used to improve the productivity of the operator, improve the design quality, improve communication through document, and create a manufacturing database. Basically, it draws on the computer, and the measurement is applied to the drawings. CNC CAD software can make and modify your design. This is how "blueprint" of "blueprint" in CNC processing.

In CNC engraving, the most common file format is DXF. It is a file extension of graphic images and enables data interoperability between CAD CNC router software and other programs. You can open the DXF file in the MOS and Windows operating systems.

If you are a CNC router software beginner, or you can't present a good CNC project concept, there are many websites to provide free DXF or other format files. You can download multiple vector files you are interested in, for example, in DXF, SVG or EPS format, practice CNC wood cutting or engraving.

Pop CAD CNC Router Software

Wood CNC router has many CNC CAD software. Paid and free. Currently, the most popular CNC CAD software includes rhinoceros, autocad, solidworks, sketchlist3d, fusion 360, wings 3d, etc. Free version of CAD software is easier to use. The paid version of the software function is more, but it takes a certain amount of time to learn. It not only provides 2D drawing, but also helps create a 3D model.


#STEP 2 Generate G Code - CAM CNC Router Software

The CNC CAM software receives the CAD drawing file and generates a G code. This is necessary for the CNC router machine to run their routing. It is necessary to let the CNC router know the specific working path via the G code.

G code, refer to the general code, is directly controlled your CNC wood engraving machine. It is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. G code is used to communicate with the CNC router machine and move the machine to move in the desired mode.

Briefly, the CNC router's CAM software converts your design file into a wooden CNC router to understand and generate a language of G code. Basically, this means entering the command and has a dedicated machine to execute it immediately.

There are several types of G code files, the most common types include .cnc, .nc and .tap.

CNC CAM software can eliminate the gap between design and manufacturing by appropriately implementing drawings, design and models. It provides expected outputs, eventually expanding the range of production and manufacturing.

Pop CAM CNC Router Software

There are also many CNC CAM software in the CNC router machine. For example, the best paying CNC CAM software includes MasterCam, etc. of Powermill, Meshcam, OneCNC, SolidWorks. Common free CAM CNC router software includes Freemill, G-Simple, Pycam, etc.


#STEP 3 Procedure G Code and Drive CNC Router Mobile - CNC Router Control Software

The G code generated by the CNC router CAM software is processed by the CNC control software. The main task of the control element is to enter G code and provide the correct electrical output to operate the CNC router machine. Control software is connected directly to the controller through the transfer protocol.

In general, there are two CNC control software. One is the CNC router control software in the router, and the other is a PC-based software. The most popular CNC router control software includes Mach Series, Linuxcnc, TurboCNC, UNIVERSAL GCODE transmitters, and the like.

If you choose a CNC router control system, you need to consider the following:

  • Friendly and intuitive user interface;

  • Hardware you are using: controller running software;

  • Transfer protocol;

  • Update frequency.


Best CNC software beginners

Since each person has different educational background, learning ability and operational ability, it is difficult to name the best CNC software for beginners. I can just say that CNC router software beginners need to find CNC router programs, which can grow comfortably and grow.

Each CNC CAD / CAM software does not have a CNC CAD / CAM software, and each CNC router machine operator has different skills and needs.

Beginners need to spend a certain time to learn the basics of CNC router software. They can download the free CNC router software when they begin to learn and be familiar with the software. And beginners need to find the most suitable CNC CAD / CAM software during learning and use.


Is the CNC router software difficult to learn?

This is a problem that seems to have a lot of different answers and constantly arguing. As a unambiguous, the answer is not just a simple or no.

If you understand the basic mathematics and master the workpiece, the very basic CNC programming is easy to learn. Although, for intermediate and advanced CNC router software skills, it is suitable for complex woodworking, it may take a long time, even years, and learn.

Currently, many more control router software have friendly user interfaces, easy to learn and operate. Therefore, for simple processing requirements, even CNC router beginners can learn to use these CNC router programs in a short period of time.


How to choose CNC router software

Most manufacturers will provide you with some free CNC router software options when purchasing a CNC wood engraving machine. You can also choose from your usage habits or experience. If you choose the best CNC router software for your machine, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Handling requirements. Before selecting the software, make sure your processing needs. For example, if you are mainly engraved or cut 2D mode, AutoCAD or CAXA CAD can meet your needs. However, if you are performing complex relief, you may need to choose a CNC router software that can be 3D modeling, such as Artcam.

2. Free or pay. This is also the option you need to face. Today, many free CNC router software can implement multiple 2D and 3D patterns of design and modeling. Paidware may have more complex or more advanced features than free.

3. Technical skills. You may need to assess your technical skills. For new hands, you may start with a simple and easy-to-learn CNC CAD / CAM software. Although if you need 3D modeling CNC router software to make a complex relief work, novices may take more time to familiarize yourself.

4. The transaction of the user interface. It is also an important factor in choosing CNC router software. Simple, neat, friendly user interface allows operators to work efficiently.


Suggestions for Wood CNC Routers

As the saying goes, a good horse is worth a good saddle. Excellent CNC router software needs to be combined with a good CNC router to exert its best effect. Our timber CNC routers are recognized by most users to obtain high-yield quality and quality services.

I want to recommend two sets of CNC router machines immediately. They both received favorable comments from customers. With the help of CNC router software, our wood CNC router can complete your processing demand with high efficiency and quality quality.



Automatic delivery of CNC furniture manufacturing machine production line

This is an automatic tool replacement CNC nested router with an automatic load and uninstall platform. Is very suitable for the production of panel furniture. It has high levels of automation, from load, positioning, cutting, drilling, slot to unload panel, all processes are automatically completed.

The machine is equipped with a dragon-style turntable tool magazine, which can achieve a second tool change. 8-12 Tools in Tools Magazine can implement 8-12 different processes during one processing. This nested CNC router is widely used in production cabinets, closets and other panel furniture production.

Since this CNC router is mainly used for 2D woodworking, it can be used with multiple 2D CNC router software. Such as AutoCAD, Type3, etc.



ATC CNC router with rotary device

The 4-axis ATC timber CNC router not only provides a rotating spindle, but also a front-end rotating device. Therefore, it can not only complete complex 3D engraving work, but also engraved cylindrical works. Which is suitable for large-sized cutting and engraving. Automatic tooling can achieve a quick change knife, seamlessly connect multiple processes. This effectively reduces non-production time and greatly improves working efficiency.

Since this CNC router can perform 3D woodworking, it can choose 3D CNC router software such as Artcam, AutoCAD, MasterCam, PowerMill, and so on.



By using the CNC router software, you can fully control all processing processes and monitoring ends. If you choose the right CNC router software, the entire processing process will be completed steadily, which will greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the accuracy and consistency of products in large-scale production are guaranteed.

In short, CNC router software is divided into three types, CAD, CAM, and control software. There are now some software combined with the functionality of CAD and CAM. Due to its rich features, friendly user interfaces and easy learning, such CNC CAD / CAM software is getting more popular. In the case of software, a few things, such as processing requirements, free or paid, technical skills, need to pay attention.

Whether you choose which CNC router software, the software that is best for your own process is the best CNC router software.

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