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CNC routers used for wooden toys

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Today, I will introduce you a real example of CNC machine tools.

Nick and Kimber started the handmade wooden toy business in 2008. The couple made the company one of the largest manufacturers of wooden toys and appeared in publications such as Forbes, fashion magazines, and country life.

Nick said, "It all started with the small amateur CNC machine tool we bought." We have been using it for nearly a year, but due to its small processing scale and relatively unique functions, it cannot meet our work needs. Therefore, we purchased another large-scale automatic tool change CNC machine with various functions, which is also the beginning of our business growth.

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We started with some basic and simple products. “We first used computer software to outline the shape, stacked the wood about 3 pieces high, and then cut the wood with a band saw. It lasted for about 3 years, until we decided it was time to start investing in CNC milling. Once completed, it’s done. There is no turning back."

The company uses a lot of solid wood, suitable for people of all ages, and also suitable for safe play. The wood billet is not very wide, so the company decided to invest in a planer, and they can stack a pile of wood chips on the machine at a time.

"As our order volume gradually increased. We knew it was time to buy a whole production line machine. We had to choose a T-slot desktop machine because we were using solid wood. I also knew we were working on it. Things are small, so vacuum The workbench does not work for me, so I need a machine with a T-slot to clamp the blank to the machine bed.

The machine was delivered to a small sapling toy store in Wisconsin. "There is no turning back. The router is crazy. One-click cutting, we can triple the output." A Chicago dealer came to install the machine and opened a training course for Nick and his employees.

I am surprised how easy it is to learn, once you understand the basics of CNC, it will become a repetitive process. The operation of CNC machine tools is very easy to learn and use. I trained eight to nine people myself, and they quickly accepted it.

Nick talked about creating the list before running the router. He found that after completing each task, it was the easiest to sign it, just to make sure he didn't forget anything. Make sure the machine knows the correct tool, offset, starting point, etc. After the list is complete, they will cut.

"We don't use any stains or paint. All our products are wooden. We start production by sizing the blanks. All our products have size/thickness differences. My team knows the size by the file name. I I think it’s best to back up all the files and then let the team download the files to the computer. Since the product is too small, we often use the label to repair the product.-Put it on the table with the label side up. Then, we use a special tool to It is cut out, then wired, polished, and then removed from the machine and stored.

Nick and Kimber designed and developed new toys for young start-ups (especially the very popular molar toys). They also make rocking horses, toy boxes, doll houses and puzzles as part of the track. The couple intend to continue to develop and build a brand that focuses on creating naturally beautiful, high-quality products so that parents can comfort their children.

If you are interested in their examples and want to design your own products, please contact us and we will provide you with the most professional help.

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