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Common control system of woodworking cutting machine

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At present, the mainstream of the CNC system of woodworking cutting machine is the new generation system, Weihong system plus Delta or Anchuan servo, this combination stability is relatively high, is also the most common application.

In the past two years, new generation manufacturers launched a controller drive combined with the system, also known as the new generation of all-in-one machine.

Compared with other, the advantage of the new generation lies in a few points:

More powerful, commonly used in the new generation of 750W and 1.1KW two specifications, the mainstream woodworking cutting machine model with 1.1KW of the new generation servo, compared to Anchuan and Delta motor, more powerful, equipment running faster.

The perfect combination of servo and control system, servo and system for the same manufacturer, compatibility will be better.

The new generation four-in-all (M3 bus) motor is the absolute value of the bus, the boot does not need to return to the original point, the accuracy is higher.

Signal transmission speed can reach 100M, 10 times times faster than the M2 bus (10M), 20 times times faster than the normal type.

Because the drive is a whole, it is very good to isolate the source of external interference, and the anti-jamming ability is stronger.

The motor of the M3 bus is designed with a 24-bit encoder and has high communication efficiency.

System equipped with woodworking dedicated software panel, according to customer needs to set the machine's various functions, operating panel intuitive, good operation. Equipped with automatic machining scheduling list function and work order management function. Save time and save workers.

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