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Common problems in using woodworking engraving machine

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The production of automatic CNC wood engraving machine brings great convenience to people, saves a lot of engraving time compared with traditional handwork, greatly improves work efficiency, and improves the engraving process, which can engrave many complex and beautiful patterns have benefited many industries from wood engraving machines. With the widespread use of CNC wood engraving machine in many fields, various problems in the use process have also appeared. As a professional wood manufacturer with ten years of experience in CNC wood engraving machine, we today provide you with common problems and corresponding solutions when using CNC wood engraving machine. Hope to help you.

Common problem 1: The problem of tool breakage occurs during processing.

1. The machine works according to the instructions of the processing program, including position instructions and speed instructions. If the design of the program programming is unreasonable, exceeds the tolerance of the machine, or the cutting amount is set too large and exceeds the tool itself, the problem of tool damage will occur. Therefore, the correct and reasonable setting of the processing program directly affects whether the tool will break.

2. The CNC wood engraving machine is the executor of the engraving task. Whether the correct engraving machine is selected or the steps of using the engraving machine are correct during the processing process will become a factor that affects the breaking of the knife.

3. Whether the tool is in a clamped state is also a factor that affects the tool breaking. For example, the tool is not fully clamped, the radial runout is large or the tool extension length is too long, there is dust on the tool and the chuck, and the chuck and nut are damaged. These factors will cause tool damage.

4. If all the above is normal, please consider whether it has not been cleaned or replaced for a long time. Due to the long working time of the tool, the hardness, strength and accuracy of the tool itself will be greatly reduced after using the tool for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the tool is worn out in time to replace the worn parts.

5. To engrave materials. If the hardness of the material itself is too hard, uneven or there are impurities on the material, the tool will easily break. In addition, when engraving high-hardness materials for a long time, the tools may also be damaged, and when engraving hard materials, if the engraving speed is set too high, the problem of tool breakage may also occur.

6. If there is a vibration source around the CNC wood engraving machine, it will affect the processing state and cause the cutter to break. If the voltage is unstable, it will cause abnormal working conditions of the machine and damage the knife. Secondly, the dust collection device of machine auxiliary equipment is also one of the important factors that cause the knife to break.

7. In addition, the technical level of the staff and whether the operation is correct is also one of the important factors that affect the cutting.

Common problem 2: When setting the origin of the CNC wood engraving machine, the spindle is offset forward or right, and the offset distance is uncertain.

1. If this kind of problem occurs, first check whether the limit switch is malfunctioning, or whether the limit switch has been closed and popped up when the spindle returns to the origin. If there is a problem with the limit switch, we should replace the limit switch when necessary.

2. Secondly, the looseness of the transmission line will also cause the deviation of the spindle. In this case, we find the transmission line and tighten it.

Common problem 3: When the CNC wood engraving machine starts to reset, it will make an abnormal sound or always press the limit switch.

1. If the spindle cannot reach the limit switch, correct it.

2. The drive line is in poor contact, the drive line should be adjusted.

3. The limit switch wire is in poor contact, adjust the wire.

4. If the limit switch is damaged, you can just replace it.

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Common problem 4: The wood carving machine cannot perform carving at the origin.

1. Check whether the layout setting of the file matches the machine.

2. Check whether the spindle and other parts are offset.

 Common problem 5: During the work of the wood carving machine, the spindle motor suddenly stops or the speed is slow.

1. Check whether the working voltage is stable or overloaded, just add a voltage regulator.

2. Check whether the wire connection is correct.

 Common problem 6: The spindle can only move in one direction when it starts to move.

1. Check whether the optical coupling line is working properly and whether the contact between each line is good.

2. Check whether there is a virtual weld in the motor circuit.

 Common problem 7: The sending software cannot be opened normally, and the engraved objects are different from the drawings.

1. Reinstall the new system and software.

2. Check the X and Y axis screws and whether the screws are loose.

3. Check whether the tool is damaged.

 Common problem 8: Unable to transmit signal.

1. Whether the parameters of the wood carving machine and the computer settings are correct.

2. Whether the signal line is connected correctly.

 Common problem 9: The engraving effect is not ideal.

1. Whether the cutter head is still sharp, if it is worn, sharpen or replace it in time.

2. Whether the tool settings in the software match the tools actually used and whether the settings are correct.

3. Whether to add lubricant when carving metal, jade, glass and other hard materials.

4. Whether the tool bar is concentric.

 Common problem 10: The spindle cannot be reset to the origin, and the size of the machine is reduced or out of range. 

If the CNC wood engraving machine spindle cannot be reset to the origin, check whether the screws are aligned and need to adjust the screws.

These are some common problems and solutions we have listed in the process of using wood carving machine. I hope it helps. If you want to know more about the use of wood carving machine, you can contact us at any time.

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