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Cost Effective CNC Machine Recommended

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Inexpensive CNC router, also known as affordable CNC machine. Although we call it cheap, its price may still exceed $2,000. Because this is a heavy machine with multiple functions, such as cutting and carving wood, stone, acrylic and any other materials. Like standard CNC cutting machine, they are characterized by high degree of automation, high efficiency, high productivity and high precision.

I have listed below our different types of CNC machine tools for you to choose from, including hobby CNC machine, 3 axis CNC router and 4 axis CNC milling machine, CNC stone cutting machine, laser cutter, etc. Whether you are new to CNC or a skilled shop owner, you can find affordable machine here.

6090 Mini CNC Router


This is a new type mini CNC router. It occupies a small area, but it can meet your various processing needs. It is widely used in the advertising industry and mold industry. It can also realize the engraving and cutting of plates and the engraving of plexiglass and wood.


3 axis CNC Woodworking Machine


With low price and easy operation, it has been widely used in wood industry, furniture industry, advertising design, art production, education engineering, hobby and other fields.


1325 ATC CNC Router


This 1325 ATC CNC router is one of the most classic and most popular CNC engraving machines.

For example, the German Siemens servo motor used has the characteristics of large starting torque, wide working range, stable operation and low noise. This ATC CNC router is equipped with auto linear tool changes, which can automatically switch tools during processing for different cutting and engraving purposes. This feature of low-cost CNC machine greatly reduces the time and workload of manual tool change.


ATC CNC Router with Carousel Tools


This economical ATC CNC router rotary tool magazine is also called the disc tool magazine, and the number of tools can be customized as required. Compared with a linear tool loader, this type of automatic tool changer reduces tool change time because the rack does not need to return to the original position to change tools.


Stone CNC Machining Center


Stone cutting machine is suitable for kitchen stone sinks, marble sinks, granite countertops, etc.

This economical machine also uses a water cooling ATC spindle to cool the heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the spindle. It is also equipped with a high-quality operating system, equipped with an automatic tool changer, FL118 stepper motor and automatic lubrication system. All these elements ensure the simple operation, high automation, high precision and high efficiency of this stone CNC machine tool.


Co2 Laser Engraving Machine


Best price small business CNC laser cutting machine. This is an industrial grade laser wood cutting and engraving machine.

Laser cutter use invisible laser beams to replace traditional machine tools. This is a non-contact cutting method, so the surface and edges of the workpiece are very smooth and sharp. The laser beam will heat the material to melt and evaporate, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. In addition, the cutting incision is very narrow, and the dimensional accuracy of laser cut parts can reach ±0.03mm. The laser cutting machine also has a protective cover to protect the operator from high temperatures. CO2 laser engraving machine is usually used to cut and engrave non-metallic materials.


As I mentioned at the beginning, these CNC machine are also our best selling CNC machine. Although they are usually relatively small, they can perform various functions. The price of these CNC machine is actually not cheap, but they have a high performance/cost ratio and are worth your money.

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