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Do you know how to choose furniture making machine?

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At present, there are many furniture making machine on the market. Do you know how to choose? Currently, many companies have achieved success in manufacturing and production of furniture. By contacting them, you can find the exact type of furniture required. Due to the high price of these furniture making machine, you need to take a wise approach when considering purchase.


The following is two tips for selecting a furniture manufacturing machine.

1. Clarify your treatment and budget

Although they are wood furniture, different processes require different furniture making machine. For flat furniture, furniture making machines including multiple machines is the best choice. However, for custom traditional Chinese or European furniture, engraving style, frame or handrail on the leg, and requires a 4 axis wood CNC milling machine.

2. You need to select furniture making machine based on processing requirements.

If you only make cabinets, you can choose four spindles nesting CNC machines, trim, vacuum pressures and side drills.

If you want to make a hot film door and cabinet, you can use an ATC CNC machining center, edge banding machine, polishing machine, vacuum press.

If you want to make custom processed craft furniture, you may need a nesting CNC machine, edge banding machine, vacuum press machine and side drilling machine.

In addition, you can also choose a table saw cutting machine, hinge drilling machine, CNC cutting machine, etc. to make furniture for the furniture making machine. If you have sufficient budget, you can also choose to add some tools, such as the spindle with a drill head, auto loading and unloading platform.


Choose qualified furniture making machine supplier

This is related to the choice of good furniture making machine manufacturers. If you need furniture making machine, it is recommended that you purchase all furniture making machine from a supplier. This ensures the configuration and connection of all machines and after-sales service, thereby avoiding failure of mutual loss.

When choosing a furniture making machine manufacturer, it is necessary to determine if the manufacturer is sound in designing, production, and after-sales service, and whether the production process is reasonable. Qualified and qualified manufacturers can ensure the stability and accuracy of the performance of the cabinet. Mechanical for furniture manufacturing and maintenance and after-sales service.

You can also access the factory in the furniture making machine supplier, and check the machine in front of the purchase.


In short

For furniture manufacturers, furniture manufacturers are undoubtedly a valuable investment. Whether it is a furniture manufacturer or a complete furniture production line, it can greatly improve efficiency, saving time and labor in furniture manufacturing. In addition, due to the high degree of automation, it is easy to operate, one person can operate 2-3 machines simultaneously. It also helps to increase production efficiency. Finished furniture features high precision, novel style and durability.

If you want to buy furniture making machine, in addition to considering your own handling needs, you have to consider the strength and reputation of the furniture machinery supplier manufacturers.

The former can help you determine the required machine type and avoid purchasing inappropriate machines with high prices. Since different processing needs require different machines, you must determine your needs before purchasing. The latter requires you to check carefully to prevent you from deteriorating the quality of the furniture machine, and there is no good after-sales service. IGOLDENCNC has 10 years of production experience and is widely praised by customers at home and abroad, and you can provide you with a strong guarantee.

If you encounter any problems while buying furniture making machine, please let me. I will help you choose the right furniture making machine.

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