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Do you know what application for CNC router machine?

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CNC router machine can also be called a CNC machine, CNC wood router, CNC cutting machine, wood router machine. CNC Router is a computer-controlled machine tool. The computer is used to coordinate its programming. It is used for all kinds of timber (solid wood, hardwood, bamboo, plywood, fiberboard, etc.), foam (EPS, EVA, PU, etc.), stone (marble, granite, black stone, jade, artificial stone, etc.), plastic (acrylic, plexiglass, resin, etc.).Automatic carving (relief, plane engraving, hollow carving, 3D carving) of soft metal (aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, etc.), crystal, glass, ceramics and other materials, cutting, milling, drilling, slotting, polishing, sanding.


Wood logo inscription letter

In these types of products, some engraving is done on the wooden block. Cut the wood material needs sharp tools. Burning is one of the most common work, which is completed by most industries. When the letters and shapes are written, the final product seems to be quite opaque and can easily distinguish the defects in the final product. The figure below shows how to understand the product when the letter or shape is in the shape.

wood cutting  wood engraving machine

Wood logo raised letters

In these types of products, mechanically manufactured by the CNC router machine, the engraving is completed, but opposite to the above situation. In this case, a large amount of material is removed, but the final product seems to be opaque. These types of products are also the professional of the CNC router machine. The following image shows the raised letters on the wood on the CNC router machine.

CNC router  wood router 

Cardboard template

For the manufacturing of the cardboard template, first, the software is designed on the computer, and the computer also includes all sizes. Thereafter, the appropriate tool is selected, the tool includes DONK D4 towers, during which the fuel feed speed is maintained at 100 inches / min, and no rotation per minute. The final product is just shown below in the picture.

cnc router machine   wood router machine


The CNC router machine is not only suitable for wood products, but also be able to make metal products, but the conditions are metallic metals. Aluminum, brass, copper, etc. Decorative products of various non-ferrous metals produced by CNC router machine, but in this case, the parameters are very difficult to handle. The processing speed is also low, but the RPM is kept very high, and the parts of the product are also reduced. Due to its high strength, in the case of metal, the cutting blade is also sharp. The figure below shows some parts manufactured by the CNC router machine.

cnc cutting machine  cnc router machine 

Engraving granite

In addition to engraving wood and non-ferrous metals, a hard product can also be carved using a CNC router. Granite is considered to be one of the most powerful metals. It can also be engraved, but for this situation, the cutting tool of the cutting tool is usually composed of diamonds. Since diamonds are the most difficult elements we know, diamonds are best for hard metal processing. The advantage is that when the diamond cutter is used, the final finishing is very smooth, as shown below.


Application of CNC Router Machine in Industry

CNC router machine needs to complete many CNC router projects. In nearly 80% of the industry, the CNC router machine is used in a variety of applications. The most common CNC router project and CNC router application will be mentioned below.

Furniture industry

Since ancient times, woodworking engraving is due to its efficiency than other methods and machines. By using CNC router machine, solid wood products are manufactured, which is more reliable than any other method. In addition, with the help of the CNC router, the work has completed faster speed, and the manufacturing product is increased. The furniture industry is one of the most mature industries in the world. Since the wood is more reliable than any other material, there is a lot of potential in large-scale production of wood products. Since the CNC router machine is mainly working on the surface of the material, in the furniture industry, the CNC router machine is used for finishing of furniture products.

Woodworking industry

In the woodworking industry, it is mainly to use furniture. In addition to the furniture industry, when we talk about the timber industry, CNC router machine is used for wooden decorative parts, doors and windows applications, many sports instruments made of wood engraving, more application lies in this industry.


Several billboards are often seen on one side of the road or at the top of the building. To maintain a permanent advertising board, what is done is doing this, so there is no more version on these advertising boards. Therefore, here, the engraving is done on these advertising boards. This is a complete industry, and the CNC router machine has many busy applications in this industry.

Mold industry

In metallurgy or several industries, the mold is also made of carvings of the sample material. It is said to be an industry because of molds that are making different sizes and shapes. The easiest way to make the mold is the CNC router machine, so use it in the mold industry.


As mentioned above, many decorative materials are now a day of keychain and other wooden cars and wooden tables for decorative purposes, by drawing on CNC router machines. These tough symmetrical shapes can be achieved by engraving with a CNC machine.

Music industry

About 90% of the instruments consist of a carbal material that is carved. Complete the engraving to ensure the perfect size and shape of the instrument so that they are the feasibility of the artist operation. These CNC router machines are used in these industries for manufacturing these instruments.

Stone carving industry

Carvings are completed in the stone. At first, it was used to carry out a hammer and chisel. It is now reasonably completed with the CNC router machine. Engraving stone is used as a history of decoration and museums around the world. Therefore, it is an appropriate industry, the CNC machine continues to work. The nameplate of the grave is also another application of the CNC router in the stone engraving industry.


All in all, we can say that wood CNC machinery provides great purpose in different industries and global. Compared with various conventional methods, it is easier to use the CNC router machine. The CNC router can shape a variety of materials, including acrylic acid, PVC plate, 2 color panels, wooden boards, rubber sheets, copper, aluminum, low carbon steel, density plates, marble, glass and crystals. These materials are used in the woodworking industry, the furniture industry, the advertising industry, the mold industry, the music industry, the stone carving industry and the handicraft industry. It also has the potential of many other industries.

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