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Do you need used CNC router or new CNC router?

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Buying a used CNC router is a gamble, you need to evaluate its reliability and future maintenance costs. Different buyers will decide whether to buy used machines or new ones. When you need to buy a CNC router, is it more suitable for second-hand or new machines? There is no easy answer, because it depends on your production needs, budget and time.

Your production needs

1. Beginners and enthusiasts: If you only need machine as a hobby, you don't need advanced CNC routers. A mini CNC router enough to meet your needs. The price of new mini CNC routers is cheap so you can buy new or used machines. Both are cheap and affordable.

2. Craftsmen and experts-some craftsmen or woodworking experts need CNC engraving machine to make a living or earn extra money. If you are one of them, it is best to buy a new machine that is more reliable and profitable. New CNC machine can be customized according to your processing needs. There are 4 axis CNC router, 5 axis machining center and ATC CNC milling machine, which can process complex 3D parts and produce high-quality products. Many users have successfully used their machines for furniture processing, billboard production or other businesses, and have obtained many benefits.

3. Large business owners: Large business owners also need new CNC router to develop their business and increase productivity. The new CNC machine is more suitable for mass production, and can meet your machining needs with high efficiency and high precision. In addition, the new machine has almost no malfunctions during the machining process and significantly reduces maintenance costs. I do not recommend that you buy a used CNC router, because it usually takes a long time to maintain or repair.

Your budget plan

1. Limited budget: Some users have limited budgets, so it is difficult to purchase a new CNC milling machine. Your choice is not always correct. The price of CNC machine is determined by its parts. Some parts are imported from famous foreign manufacturers, and the price of the whole machine is very high. Some replacement parts have good performance and reasonable price. If you need to make a living on a CNC router, you can also have a chance buy a new CNC router. Usually, when the budget is limited, you can buy an used CNC router or buy a new machine, but if you are worried about future maintenance costs, it is best to buy a new CNC router.

2. Sufficient budget: If the budget is sufficient, the new CNC engraving machine will be a good choice. Using the new machine can avoid many maintenance problems in the post-processing process. New CNC engraving machine usually have a quality guarantee period, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the machine.

Your time

1. Within a limited time: If you need a milling machine as soon as possible, please do not buy used CNC router. Unless you are very professional about it, it takes a lot of time and effort to check the operation and quality of this machines. Buying a new CNC router is more reliable and faster. The manufacturer can provide thoughtful service and meet your needs.

2. Enough time: If you have enough time to buy machines, you can choose according to your needs. Remember, if you want to buy a used CNC router, please check the machine settings carefully.


I hope you will buy a used CNC router or a new CNC router according to your production needs, budget and time when choosing a machine. I think it is more reliable to buy a new machine. It can guarantee the processing quality and performance of the machine. Buying used CNC router opportunities brings greater risks and requires more time and energy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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