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Engraving machine price

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Before we know how much of the carving machine, we must first know that there are many types of carving machines.

According to the application field, we can divide into four categories: advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine and metal engraving machine, of which woodworking engraving machines are the most kind, and can be divided into automatic tool change functions according to work energy. A carpenter cutter and a multi process engraving machine, a cylindrical engraving machine with three-dimensional carving functions, and a single head, multiple independent head and multiple Trailer head engraving machine derived from ordinary carpentry machines. The engraving machine generally uses the gear rack drive to ensure the speed of the air distance is not slow, and the Z axis is driven by the screw for the XY axis. High precision, in recent years, in addition to the special requirements of customers, only a small number of engraving machines use all screw drive. The main function of the engraving machine is to cut, hollow out, take the lace and line, punch and embossed carving. The main factors affecting the carving machine are five points:

Control system: the control system has two kinds of computer control and DSP handle. The two control methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The handle control is more expensive than the computer control.

Two. Driving system: the driving system is mainly divided into step system and servo system. The servo system is more accurate than the step system and will not lose the step and the loss when engraving the relief.

Three. Spindle motor type: in addition to the main shaft motor brand, its power size is also a factor affecting the price, generally speaking, the main embossing, the use of small power spindle motor, the main cutting, with large power spindle motor.

Four. Frequency converter: the frequency converter of the engraving machine is driven by the spindle motor. It is mainly to control the starting, stop and spindle speed adjustment of the spindle, so the choice of a good frequency converter plays a decisive role in the quality of the machine.

Five. Guide rail: the guide rail has the circular rail and the square rail, there are domestic and imported points, the difference between the guide rail of the engraving machine, I believe many users know, so it is not detailed here.

This is the main factor affecting the amount of money to affect the carving machine, of course, in addition to this need to consider the carving machine manufacturer's after-sale and library, only the trustworthy carving machine manufacturers can make the user safe choice, do not consider the woodworking machine and processing center, according to the different configuration choice, the price of engraving machine is big. It's about 10 thousand -5 million.

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