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Factors Affecting The Price Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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CNC plasma cutting machine is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well. CNC plasma cutting is often used in fabrication shops, automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, and salvage and scrapping operations. Due to the high speed and precision cuts combined with low cost, plasma cutting sees widespread use from large-scale industrial CNC applications down to small hobbyist shops.

cnc plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machineUse of the gantry machine structure that’s Igoldencnc's own research and development , the bed of high strength overall welding, rigid and stable, high temperature annealing machine, the rack can use 20 years without deformation, equipped with high-quality fiber and CO2 glass laser, you can cut most  metal materials And non-metallic materials, is a versatile device.

CNC plasma cutting machine is a dual-use, the maximum extent possible to customers to reduce procurement costs, reduce the site area, improve production efficiency. It will come in the laser industry and will bring a new revolution.

The price for the plasma cutting machine depends on the following:

 • the dimensions of the operating area. 

 • number of cutting calipers. 

 • height controller of Z-axis. 

 • type of the table for the equipment.

Our company provides a high quality equipment for the competitive price by offering the light sets of the equipment and perfect integration of the cutter and the machine.

Features of cnc plasma cutting machine:

Technologically advanced, moderately priced

Low on maintenance & Easy to use

The highly robust and rigid mechanical system

Longitudinal axis motion over elevator rails

Laser pointer for automatic plate alignment

Anti-collision system for protecting plasma torch from damage during the collision

Commonly offered with Powermax and MAXPRO200 plasma systems of Hypertherm

Dual synchronized servo drive system for long axis motion

Product Application:

CNC heavy duty gantry type multiple torches sheet metal steel plate plasma cutting machine

Gantry CNC cutting machine. Applicable to all kinds of thick sheet metal precision

machining industry, such as: sheet metal processing, steel, shipyards, mechanical

processing and other large enterprises.

Detail description of cnc plasma cutting machine:

1、Control systerm High stability control system with user panel for cnc plasma cutting machine, suitable for all kinds of portable flame/plasma cutting machine. The control system is packaged in an all-steel structure cabinet, which can truly prevent electromagnetic radiation, and has excellent anti-interference and anti-static performance.

2、Power Supply This equipment has high reliability, compact structure, small size, and lightweight. It adopts new technology to reduce the consumption of cutting torch accessories and scientific dust-proof design. Automatic protection function for Undervoltage and phase loss, safety protection has been fully taken into account during design. It is mainly used for plasma cutting of carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, and other metal materials.

3、Cutting Torch The machine plasma torch (cutting torch) has cutting and hole-cutting functions, fast cutting speed, strong cutting ability, high surface quality, smooth cut surface, good durability of consumable parts, reducing production costs and improving production efficiency. Suitable for cutting all kinds of metal materials such as low carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals.

4、Motor and Driver Famous brand motor and driver, excellent performance, stable and reliable quality. Using Japanese new design, new technology and high-quality materials, it has greater torque, lower heat generation, low vibration, smooth operation, and good anti-interference ability.

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