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Furniture production process

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With the development of modern production technology, civil furniture production equipment is increasingly updated. In the spirit of high efficiency, environmental protection principles, we independently developed and produced a series of special board class, solid wood, composite furniture production equipment.In line with the national ISO90001 quality system certification, in accordance with the GB standard production and development.

The following is the main process for the production of board furniture (full house customization).

1 Indoor home-made electronic map design (plate cutting procedure)

By the special numerical control software, for this batch of furniture production requirements, on the computer to cut plate layout, installation hole position processing, optimize the utilization rate of sheet, reduce costs, reduce consumption.

2 Cutting process for raw material sheet The sheet with a size of 122MM x 244MM (thickness can be multiple) is the raw material of sheet furniture. Take the four-process CNC opener as an example, cut, punch and other operations. The machine with the realization of set up the opening software, according to the procedure for processing production, equipment using vacuum adsorption method fixed materials, by special tools for processing. Production is equipped with a professional vacuum cleaner vacuuming, the machine has a number of vacuum treatment (processing with the knife vacuum pipe, the feed is a small beam vacuuming port, the front section of the body of large shredding collection port) and finally gathered in the waste storage bag. Reduce the dust to the standard.

The equipment drive motor is protected by a shield, the spindle is wrapped by a shield and a vacuum pipe, and the pipe slings such as a vacuum pump are drawn from the inside of the bed, which is good at reducing noise and meeting industry standards.

3 Finished sheet side hole processing There is a fully automatic laser side machine for processing. The operating principle of the device is made by the laser infrared sensor, detecting the corresponding empty position on the front of the plate, automatically identify the side hole feed processing. Only the diameter and depth of the required machining holes need to be approved in advance to process. The moving parts are fenced and the workpieceis is pressed pneumatically.Solid and tidy.

4 Finished plate sealing job After the plate removal margin process is completed, side sealing work should be carried out. Processed by a dedicated automatic edge machine.All the processes of the equipment are processed by closed processing warehouses, fully automatic one-click control, safe and stable.

5 sheet coating operation Think that the cabinet door panel has the corresponding engraving process, so the need for vacuum coating operation. Carry out a full package operation. This equipment consists of two stations, mainly for the principle of energy conservation, all before the design, after each has a station.The entire process is in the closed coating layer, smoke-free, tasteless.

6 On-site installation By professional installation workers, with the above processed finished product board, to the site for installation, all connection space is in the factory in advance processing, workers only need to use the connection parts as required to connect.No noise, no construction.

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