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Handbook for daily maintenance of woodworking engraving machine

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The emergence of woodworking engraving machine, greatly improved efficiency, many customers bought carpenter carving machine, little attention to peacetime maintenance and maintenance work, igoldencnc here to explain the ordinary maintenance work of woodworking engraving machine.

First: the brain part of carpenter engraving machine, belong to electronic equipment, dust debris in the workshop will fall into the computer host box, especially in summer, if the computer is not good for heat dissipation, it will easily burn out the circuit board. In order to keep the computer running smoothly, it also needs to kill poison regularly and clean the pieces of magnetic disk.

Second, we need to clean up the screw, the industrial control box, the circuit board, and clean the work table in time, including the material debris next to the guide and guide, so as to prevent the machine from stuck in the working process.

Once again: walk slowly back and forth after the oil is added to ensure that the lubricating oil can be evenly added to the guide rail and the lead screw. If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueling regularly to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system. First, clear the guide rail and the screw rod, and use cloth (without hair removal) to remove the oil dirt and material scraps on the guide rail and the lead screw. Because the temperature is low, you can add oil to the guide rail and the lead screw, and the best antifreeze oil is added. The refueling cycle is two times a month, that is, adding oil once every two weeks. Add cooling water or coolant to the numerical control woodworking engraving machine, and keep the cooling water free of impurities.

Finally: in winter, if the woodworking engraving machine is not used, the water in the tank should be poured out to prevent the water tank and water pipes from cracking. The temperature of the workshop is better and higher. It is very easy to freeze the water tank of woodworking engraving machine in winter. The influence of temperature on carpenter engraving machine is not very big, but because the user adds butter to the screw rod, it also forgot to clean up in winter, which leads to the running of the machine every time, the temperature of some studios is very low, although the oil is added, the machine can still be frozen, the machine can't run up.

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