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How CNC Stone Bridge Cutting Machine Help Rebuild Church?

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Notre dame cathedral is one of the most famous monuments in france. It collapsed after being engulfed by fire on Monday, April 16, 2019. During the renovation and restoration process, the fire destroyed the 850-year-old Gothic style of the building, causing its spire and roof to collapse.

The cathedral burned for nearly 15 hours and suffered severe damage, but firefighters rescued the main structure and the two bell towers.

Notre Dame Cathedral is famous for its extraordinary scale, ancient times and architectural charm, and is one of the famous tourist destinations. People from all over the world come to Paris to admire the magnificent landscape and iconic architecture of this medieval cathedral.

Restoring a similar church structure is difficult, but not impossible. The stone structure of the cathedral can be carved with the same precision and efficiency using a stone bridge cutting machine . The time required to cut and engrave the stone is greatly reduced.

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Compared with hand engraving and cutting, you can engrave beautiful designs with the same precision in a shorter time. Stone bridge cutting machine can be used to restore Gothic architecture.


This high-tech CNC stone machine is mainly used for 3D pattern carving, granite cutting, marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, talcum powder, slate, quartzite, etc. CNC stone machine can cut and engrave various solid surface materials.


The stone bridge cutting machine can cut patterns on solid surfaces/stones. The detailed and intricate engravings and drawings made by the CNC factory are breathtaking.

Because stone bridge cutting machine  is worry-free and has the best performance, it is widely used by enterprises, industries and buildings to create the interior decoration of this place.

It is widely used in the construction industry for carving, cutting, sign carving and other decorative arts and crafts. The CNC stone bridge cutting machine has been tested for various parameters and can provide a perfect design.

In order to ensure the perfect performance of the machine, our supplier's quality experts have carried out strict tests on various quality parameters of CNC stone carving.

And other types of CNC machines can be used to restore the structural design of the Norte Dame church. Certain key architectural features can be achieved through innovative technologies, such as pointed arches, rib vaults, sculptures, huge pillars, lantern towers, etc.

Because stone is a natural material with different color variations, famous buildings use stone as the main element of interior decoration in churches and churches, which makes it look magnificent.

CNC machine for stone beautifully and uses CAM software to design on the tombstone. When stored, natural materials have an ethereal appearance.

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