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How To Maintain The CNC Router In Winter

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As we all know, CNC router machine is a very practical engraving equipment. When we spend money to buy the machine back, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine to extend the service life of the machine. So how to maintain the 4 axis CNC router in winter?

The normal operation of all mechanical equipment is inseparable from daily maintenance. Just like cars, we need regular maintenance to ensure that they perform better at work and are not damaged. The use of 4 axis CNC router also requires users to maintain, especially in winter, they need to pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance, so how to maintain cnc router? Let me share with you the maintenance method of the cnc router in winter:

Machine cleaning

1. Clean the work surface in time after work to ensure comfortable work next time.

2. Clean the guide rail and the dust beside the guide rail to prevent the 4 axis CNC router from stopping due to dust interference.

3. Clean the guide rail regularly to prevent foreign matter from adhering to the guide rail. The spindle is very important in the equipment, it determines the accuracy of the machine, and the lead screw guide is very important in the spindle drive.

4. Clean the industrial control box regularly, which is the number one killer of dust.

Oil the machine

1. Clean the slide and lead screw first. Use a rag (wax-free) to remove oil stains and material debris from the slide and lead screw. Due to the low temperature, you can add oil to the guide rails and lead screws, preferably antifreeze oil.

2. Try to make sure to refuel the 4 axis CNC router once every two weeks.

3. If you do not use the machine for a long time, you should refuel it regularly to ensure the flexibility of the drive system.

4. After adding oil, move it back and forth slowly to ensure that the lubricant can be added evenly on the guide rails and screws.

Operating temperature

1. Ensure the room temperature in the operating room, preferably room temperature, at least the staff will not be too cold.

2. Check the applicable temperature of the fuel standard to at least reach the minimum temperature.

3. When the 4 axis CNC router is not used, if the ambient temperature is low, it is best to pour out the remaining water to prevent the water tank and water pipe from freezing due to water freezing.

Cooling water

1. Cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the spindle motor. If the cooling water is too dirty, it will seriously damage the engine. Ensure that the cooling water is clean and the pump is working properly.

2. Pay attention to the water level and do not let the water-cooled spindle motor run at a low water level to prevent the motor from losing heat over time.

3. Pay attention to the ambient temperature, and pay attention to the freezing and rupture of the water tank and water pipe due to the temperature of the cold water.

4. If conditions permit, antifreeze can be used to prevent water from freezing.


1. Regularly clean the dust in the chassis, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the chassis, and pay attention to prevent excessive dust from causing errors in the industrial control board.

2. Clean the disk regularly, clean up useless files, free up disk space, and keep the computer running well.

3. Regularly check and remove viruses, but be careful not to open the anti-virus level during work, and pay attention to avoid interference.

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