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How much do you know about the 5 axis cnc machine?

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What is a 5 axis CNC router machine ?

The 5 axis CNC router machine is a high-precision CNC machine with the latest technology. The main shaft can be rotated 360 degrees. It is specially used to process complex curved surfaces. It is equipped with a 5-axis linkage high-end CNC control system that can perform high-precision processing of complex surfaces. Therefore, the 5 axis CNC router machine is widely used to process modern molds, such as automobile, ship parts and aircraft structural parts.

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What are the main differences between 5 axis CNC router machine and other CNC machines?

The main difference is the diameter of the cutting tool used. The commonly used cutting diameter of CNC milling is 6-40 mm, while the cutting diameter of 5 axis CNC router machine is 0.2-3 mm, which has higher accuracy and smaller errors, and is suitable for processing precision parts.

Can 5 axis CNC machine be used to process steel?

When judging whether a CNC machine can process a material, it mainly depends on the tool and spindle it is equipped with. The tool used in CNC engraving determines whether its cutting ability is large or small. If the shape of the mold you want to engrave needs to use a knife with a diameter of more than 6 mm, it is strongly recommended to use an 3 axis CNC machine for large-scale milling, and then use a 5 axis CNC router machine for fine processing to remove residual materials.

Is it possible to add additional configurations to the 5 axis machining center, such as a rotating axis? 

No need. Because the configuration of the 5 axis CNC router machine itself is already very high and can meet almost all machining needs, there is no need to add additional configurations. Another main reason is that the design of the 5 axis machining center must ensure its own cutting range. Additional configuration may result in greatly reduced processing effect.

What are the main factors affecting the machining effect of 5 axis CNC machine?

CNC machining is a mechanized, automated and relatively complex process. It is completed by a variety of accessories and multiple program instructions. Many factors will affect it. It mainly includes the characteristics of the machine tool itself, cutting tools, control systems, material types, processing technology, auxiliary fixtures and surrounding environment, which will affect the processing of the machine. In addition, the human influence is also on the one hand, such as the operator’s familiarity with the machine and whether the operation is correct.

What are the requirements for the control system of a 5 axis CNC router machine?

The primary machining function of 5 axis CNC is milling, so the control system must choose the one suitable for milling. Secondly, for the refined carving of the tool, the feedforward function must be provided at the same time to reduce the processing speed in advance to reduce the frequency of the carving of the tool. To improve the efficiency of engraving processing.

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