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How to Adjust the Cutting Accuracy of Laser Cutting Machine?

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How to adjust the laser cutting machine to make full use of its cutting effect? In fact, machines are like humans and require frequent maintenance. In this way, the equipment can maintain good operating conditions. There are many parts in laser cutting equipment, and the maintenance period of some parts is relatively short. Therefore, someone is often required to maintain it.


1. Adjust the machine tool components to improve the cutting effect.

    1) Rail installation:

    When installing the rails, they should be parallel. When laser equipment is processed, it is necessary to constantly adjust to ensure the cutting effect of the machine. If the guide rails are not parallel, it will cause resistance when the machine is running. Moreover, the edges of most processed materials are not flat, so the guide rails must be parallel.

    2) The installation position of the wire harness and the coupling is incorrect: When installing the wire harness and the mechanical coupling, if the screw is not tightened, the lock is inclined or loose, it will affect the cutting effect of the cutting machine. become.

2. Adjust the laser settings to increase the cutting speed.

    During the cutting process, the parameters of the machine should be adjusted gradually. Generally, if the machine is not installed correctly, it will affect the cutting speed and affect the speed or effect. In order to achieve the state of speed and effectiveness, we need to debug according to customer information. Various parameters of the laser cutting machine have been set in the factory, but can be adjusted according to user needs in the future. Generally, please pay attention to the following points when setting parameters:

    1) Initial speed:

    As the name implies, this parameter corresponds to the start speed of the machine. First of all, the faster the muzzle speed, the better. In fact, if the speed is too fast, the machine may vibrate a lot at first.

    2) Acceleration:

    Acceleration refers to the process in which the machine accelerates from the initial speed to the normal cutting during the production process. In addition, when preparing to cut, there will be a deceleration process. If the acceleration is too low, the cutting speed of the machine will decrease.

3. Precision debugging method of laser cutting machine.

    1) When the focused laser spot is set to the minimum, a sudden effect will be set, and the focus position will be determined by the size of the spot effect. As long as we minimize the laser spot, this position is the appropriate focal length to start treatment.

    2) In the first part of debugging the laser cutting machine, you can use test paper and parts fragments to determine the accuracy of the focus position when positioning, move the position of the laser head downwards, and then switch the laser point when the laser hits the target. Adjust this time to find the most suitable spot position and determine the correct focal length and laser head position.

    The sample processed by laser cutter has no burrs, smooth surface and high precision, which is better than plasma and CNC cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, because laser cutting systems can easily cut parts of various shapes and sizes, it is generally more popular than stamping and compression molding processes. There is no need to repair the mold, which can save the time of changing the mold. This can save processing costs and reduce product costs, thereby having greater economic benefits.

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