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How to aviod the darkness of laser cut wood?

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Laser cut wood has high precision, gaps, fast speed and smooth cutting surface. However, because the laser focused energy melts the plate, the plate will turn black during the cutting process even if the blade is charred. Today, let us talk about how to weaken and avoid this situation.

    The first thing to note is that if the wood board is very thick, it is difficult to avoid blackening. After our repeated tests and conclusions, cutting 5mm or smaller plates can reduce the blackening, while cutting more than 5mm materials depends on the situation.


    Everyone knows that carbonization of laser cutting should be avoided, and speed and low power should be used. Yes, but there are some misunderstandings. They believe that the faster the better, the lower the power the better. In order to reduce the darkness, they made multiple cuts at a faster speed and lower power. this is not good. Carbonization is deeper than ordinary carbonization. Cut multiple times to reduce power, and the charcoal will actually be more serious. Since the cut-off part will be burned twice, the more the cut-off part, the more severe the charring. The first cutting part burns again in the second cutting process. The other part, because it was not cut for the first time, was not so dark. Therefore, what we need is a reduction, not a second step.

    Obviously, high speed and low power are not compatible. We need to determine what we want. According to our experience, strength is more important than low power consumption. Try to cut the fastest speed with high power. Of course, this requires testing to get the best value.


    Of course, in addition to the effect of power speed on blackening, there is another very important factor, which is fire. When cutting wood, you must blow hard. It is best to use an air compressor, because another blackening and yellowing factor is that the gas produced by cutting will be fumigated. Blowing can make cutting easier and prevent fires. In actual production, the flatness of the lower platform, the laser focal length problem caused by the uneven plate, the uneven bonding of the composite plate and the cutting problem caused by the composite plate material must be considered. Therefore, extreme cutting materials should not be used in actual production, and this fit is likely to be waterproof. Air pressure is needed to reduce blackening.

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