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How to buy a good wood engraving machine.

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With the development of board furniture decoration industry, many furniture factories have begun to replace manual work by machinery and equipment, but because they do not understand the cnc router industry, so there will often be customers after the purchase of machines such as one or another problems, affecting the later use, delay the production progress.


The power size of the spindle affects the processing effect, if the processing products need to cut function, it is recommended to choose the high-power spindle, cutting speed, good effect, generally is the choice of 6KW high-power air-cooled spindle. 

 high-power spindle

The most basic is stepper motor, some people want a better motor but do not want to invest too much, you can choose a domestic servo motor.

 stepper motor

If the machine function is comprehensive, each configuration is very high, it is recommended that the motor adopt a better imported servo motor. Many people in the purchase of machinery will mention that the processing of the whole board with adsorption table is very good, but sometimes processing small materials feel open adsorption pump cost electricity, the current Zhongtang machinery using patented design table partition, adsorption effect is very good! The small plate does not run.Switches in each adsorption area can be controlled individually to achieve energy savings.

wood engraving machine

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