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How to choose Chinese CNC router?

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Nowadays, Made in China has spread all over the world,Made in China is not only cheap but its quality is obvious to all,So most people choose to buy CNC router in China,how should we pick CNC routers in China?

Most people learn about China's CNC routers from facebook, websites, and b2b,We cannot understand in detail good or bad,Because the Internet is full of deception,In addition to some authoritative institutions like Alibaba.Alibaba's review is very strict,According to the company’s data, they are divided into several levels.In China, many good companies have chosen Alibaba to sell their goods,Igoldencnc also choose Alibaba,And at a high level.

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Some powerful companies have their own company website,And have a good ranking on Google.We can generally see some of the situation of this company from the website.


Good enterprise,We can learn some basic information about their company from their website,Have a photo of their factory,Have their factory address,And their process of producing CNC routers,These are real, so they dare to put them on the website.Some weak companies,They don't have factories, or they are small in size,So there is no information about the factory on their website,We'd better not choose their CNC routers.

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There are also some enterprises whose website information is very detailed,But the information on the website is false.Therefore,if you have conditions,,you must go to China for inspection.If we can't go to China for investigation,We can get a detailed understanding through video phone.

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