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How to choose auxiliary gas in laser cutting machine?

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The laser cutting machine should be equipped with auxiliary gases, mainly oxygen, nitrogen and air. When the fiber laser cutting machine is processing the workpiece, it will be irradiated by the laser focus, and the alternately irradiated area will immediately melt and evaporate. Then move the site position through the CNC equipment system to realize automatic cutting.


    1. Compressed air.

To a certain extent, the oxide film is reduced and the cost is saved. Usually used in occasions where the cutting board is not thick and the end is not demanding.

    2. Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is an inert gas, which can prevent oxidation and combustion of the cut surface of the product (it easily occurs when the plate is thick). For high-demand front-cut products, you can choose to be exposed to nitrogen without treatment.

    3. Oxygen.

    The main function of oxygen is of course to support combustion. Oxygen is more suitable for thick plate cutting, high-speed cutting and other plate cutting. For example, certain carbon steel blocks and thicker carbon steel structural parts may use oxygen.

Under higher auxiliary air pressure, the reason for reducing the cutting speed is not only the higher wind speed and hanging area, but also the higher air pressure will increase the cutting speed, but after reaching the set value, increasing the air pressure will reduce the cutting speed. Enhance the cooling effect, which is the interference of intermittent shock waves in the air when cooling the laser area.

    The inhomogeneity of pressure and temperature in the airflow will cause the density of the air field to change. This density gradient will cause the refractive index in the field to change, which will exhaust the focus of the beam energy and refocus or deflect the beam. This interference will affect the efficiency of fusion and sometimes change the structure of the model. If the beam divergence is too large, the quality of the cut will be reduced. Make the site too large, and even unable to effectively mitigate the terrible consequences.

    Auxiliary gas application:

1. Compressed air: widely used in the treatment of cabinets, cabinets and other sheet metal products.

2. Nitrogen: processing parts in the decoration industry, aerospace and other parts;

The laser cutting machine uses different auxiliary gases to cut different materials. The required auxiliary gas pressure and flow rate will vary with the thickness of the cutting material.


    Application of laser cutting in advertising industry

    Here, laser technology can express different needs in different ways, such as light and shadow, sound and music, and actions that people like to watch. This magical effect reflects the characteristics of laser technology. Full of energy. The application of signals is one of the main areas where laser processing technology is widely used.

    The promotion and application of laser cutting machines have injected new vitality into the advertising industry and promoted the development of posters. Currently, the penetration rate of laser processing equipment in this industry is less than 5%. With the development of the industry, the replacement demand for upgrading tool processing equipment to laser cutting machines will accelerate, and the advertising industry will also increase in the future.

    The iGOLDENCNC laser cutting machine is specially developed for the automatic cutting of metal plates in the advertising industry. The application of laser cutting machine in the advertising industry has the advantages of non-contact processing, high cutting precision, high resolution and fast speed. Advanced, easy to use, fast, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving, it is the best choice for the processor in the advertising industry.

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