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How to choose the linear tool change machine and carousel tool change machine

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When the furniture factory is producing cabinet, flat door or moulding door, there is often a need for opening, slotting, three-in-one, wooden pin hole, invisible piece hole, hinge hole, etc., different specifications and standard processing processes, the ordinary CNC woodworking machine or multi-process CNC machine cannot meet the demand for processing, especially during the moulding door panel, the office furniture production process, the shape is high. A panel may need to use 6-8 tools to process, in this case the automatic tool change machine is the best choice of furniture production enterprises.

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The ATC machining center is developed from the CNC milling machine. The biggest difference with the CNC router machine is that the ATC machining center has the function of automatically replacing the tool. By installing different uses of the tool in the knife magazine, the spindle can be changed by automatic tooling devices in one pad. The machining tool is achieved to achieve a variety of processing functions.


The woodworking ATC CNC router is divided into two types of carousel tool change and linear tool change.

The ATC CNC router with linear tool magazine can be placed under the dragon gate, or it can be placed behind the bed, placed below the dragon gate, the change speed is faster, the rails are small, and there is no need to change to the replacement every time you change the knife, simple ,efficient.


The ATC CNC router with carousel tool magazine, the center of the knife, is a common model in the market. The disc magazine is located on the side of the dragon. The servo control knife magazine is used to automatically change the knife, and the cutting speed is fast, strong stability, high precision, and long-term use does not affect the accuracy.


How to choose the linear tool change CNC center and carousel tool change machining center?


The spindle of the linear and carousel tools CNC center is a 9KW automatic Italy spindle. The two ATC CNC router machine use a new generation system, high-power servo motor, can be added to the drilling head and automatic loading and unloading platform, and also can equipped with the label function to achieve automated manufacturing.


In general, the control system model of the carousel tool change CNC machine is more advanced because it is a servo tools magazine, which is very accurate. The linear tools usually have 12 or 8 knives / 10 knives, rather than servo tool libraries, although this saves a servo, but due to high-end control systems and servo motors, the cutting speed is also quite fast. If the rack is the same, the difference is small.


From the point of view, the total cost of linear ATC machining center is low, the price is moderate, and the price of the carousel tool change center is relatively high.


The two ATC CNC machines have their own advantages. If you encounter a problem on the selection device, you can contact us, we will work according to your manufacturing process, budget and production capacity, which is the most cost-effective processing equipment.

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