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How to create a statue by using 4 axis rotary cnc router?

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If you want to make a Christ statue, the best machine is a 4 axis cnc machine. The machine's normal working speed is 8 times, and can easily perform 3D engraving. It has a wide range of uses and can be used well on acrylic, foam, plastic, teak and wood surfaces. Here are some tips to guide you through the process of creating a 3D statue.

Create program file

The first step in creating a statue is to create a program file. The file is usually 2D. When drawing internal curves and contours, you can use the Stretch command to generate 3D shapes with solid surfaces.

Cut as needed

Sometimes you can use rounded edges and clipping controls when designing a statue. The accuracy of the structure can be improved. Please pay attention to how the 4 axis rotary cnc router  carefully engraves the perfect details.

Create a toolpath

The next task is to create the tool path. The 2D plane drill can mill the cavity as required. 3D ball head can finish finishing. The ball head also provides a 3D contour finish.

Fix the blank to the machine table

The blank space of the structure you want to create will be fixed by the 4 axis rotary cnc router . This will ensure structure. You can use the clamping tool to connect the blank to the machine table.

Start treatment

After completing all the above settings, the machine can start to run. According to the settings, it will automatically handle 2D and 3D progress. After the work is completed, the structure will be polished.


Why use a 4 axis cnc machine?

There are many reasons to support the use of 4 axis rotary cnc router, the following are the main points:

• Can handle composite materials, non-ferrous metals, foam contours, etc.

• Activate punching, trimming, etc.

• Adapt to different production requirements

• Ideal solution for wood manufacturers

• Very flexible and durable

• Effective continuous production and complete cutting time

• Absorb cutting vibration

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In short, if you want to work in woodworking, a 4 axis cnc machine is the ideal choice. If you want precise manufacturing, this will be a good investment.

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