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How to deal with cutting part burning in metal laser cutting machine

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When processing sheet metal parts, the laser cutting process generates a lot of heat, which will not dissipate over time and cause edges to burn. When processing a metal laser cutting machine, the outside of the hole may be cooled, but a part of the small hole in a single hole has a small heat diffusion space, and excessive heat concentration will cause excessive combustion and slag. 

In addition, when cutting thick plates, the accumulation of molten metal on the metal surface and the accumulation of heat during the perforation process will cause confusion in the auxiliary airflow, and excessive heat will be input, causing edge burns.


So, how do you solve the slag problem?

The solution to excessive combustion during laser cutting of carbon steel small holes: When cutting carbon steel with oxygen as an auxiliary gas, the key to solving this problem is to know how to suppress the heat of oxidation reaction. You can cut with auxiliary oxygen during the drilling process and then switch to auxiliary air or nitrogen.

Maintaining low-frequency output power can prevent excessive heat generation and optimize cutting conditions. Setting the conditions to a single pulse laser beam, high energy intensity, high peak output and low frequency conditions can reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the surface of the material during the stamping process and reduce heat generation.

The solution for laser cutting of aluminum alloy and stainless steel: When processing these materials, the auxiliary gas used is nitrogen, which will not burn during the cutting process. However, due to the high temperature of the material in the hole, internal slag will be more frequent.

The solution to this problem is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and set this condition to a high peak output and low frequency pulse condition.

When the auxiliary gas is used in the air, it will not burn excessively, but it is easy to produce slag at the bottom of the furnace. The auxiliary air pressure should be set to high, the peak output is high, and the low frequency pulse is the condition.

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