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How to use CNC plasma cutting machine to cut thick plates

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A suitable CNC plasma cutting machine can easily cut thick plasma panels. However, it may be difficult to perform initial punching when starting to cut. The samples are usually beautiful in the photos, because the spray of sparks can produce amazing phenomena.


However, store managers are worried because they know the materials will be wasted. You can choose to start from the edge, but still waste material.


Therefore, you can use the following method instead:


Use travel puncture technique

By using this technology, the cutting torch of the CNC plasma machine can be moved at a faster chisel speed. Then slow down to a few inches long, until the torch finally enters the metal.

You can minimize this creep distance by raising the torch to a certain height and then lowering it to the cutting height.

This technology reduces waste. However, it still leads to material waste and leaves room for efficiency.


"Nozzle" technology

For beginners, you can choose a CNC plasma cutting machine equipped with a pointed torch. Use a sharper torch tip to extinguish the flame from behind. This usually causes more slag to hit the torch surface.

Your flashlight may also have a water-cooled protective cover. The protective cover prevents splashes from hitting the torch of the CNC plasma cutting machine and solidifying.


"Double Piercing"

If your drilling technique is ineffective, no matter which method you use, you will end up with a pile of molten metal at the bottom of the hole you just drilled. You can use "Double Pierce" to solve this problem, but you will need a power source sufficient to eliminate it.

Using the "double penetration" technique, the plasma arc will first partially penetrate the thickness of the metal. Then the cutting stops, leaving so-called blind holes.

Next, scrape the spatter from the surface of the panel, and then reposition the plasma torch so that it penetrates about 1/4 inch of the sidewall of the hole just drilled.

This technology creates space for gas and molten metal to blow up and down on the opposite side walls of the knockout hole, and finally the arc penetrates to the bottom of the metal plate.


Choose the best technology for your store

With these technologies in mind, your operator can choose the appropriate technologies or combine them. Either way, they allow you to cut thick metal with a plasma cutting machine with minimal scrap.

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