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Is The Price Of Five Axis CNC Machine Expensive? How About Its Quality

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What is five axis cnc machine ?

five axis cnc machine provides infinite possibilities as to the part sizes and shapes you can effectively process. The term “5-axis” refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move. On a 5-axis machining center, the cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes as well as rotates on the A and B axes to approach the workpiece from any direction. In other words, you can process five sides of a part in a single setup.

five axis cnc machine

five axis CNC machine  Advantages:

Five axes high speed and precise positioning

A axis tulting degree of ±120°, C axis tulting degree of ±245°

High speed spindle rotary & working

High efficiency & economy CNC machining center\

  • Price: 60259-80462$

Why Do Manufacturers Use five axis CNC machine ?

There are several advantages to five axis CNC machineover 4 or traditional 3 axis machining. The key advantage is that it allows you to mill at an almost infinite number of angles in a single set-up. Usually, complex parts would have to be milled with multiple different machines, as a single 3 axis machine does not provide the manoeuvrability of a 5 axis machine.

The increased rotary capability of afive axis CNC machine  also allows the cutting tool to get closer and more level with the piece being machined, allowing for even more precision, helping with angular designs.

Another use of the extra axes is to machine sloped surfaces or planes, a task which is much more challenging to perform with a 3-axis machine.

Main Features

1.German guide rails are mounted on Z axis. Box type construction and temper stress relieved, ensure Z axis good rigidity and stability during working with high speed on curved surface. And it is equipped with dual pneumatic counter balance cylinder which allow high accuracy and stability.

2. Z axis stroke is 800mm to 2200mm which is suitable for large mold and light metal working.

3. Taiwan 5 axis syntec  CNC system, real-time tool center point rotation (RTCP). High level precision, high-speed cutting, diversified operation. Working speed, rapid speed, cutting speed and feed rate can be controlled separately. This improves contour quality and working efficiency. The protection function of intelligent processing over travel can prevent mechanical collision.

4. 19-inch touch panel which is intuitive and easy to operate.

5. Y axis equipped with 4 pieces German guide rails. This ensures running accuracy of linear guide way, equal force during machine working, maintain a good mechanical precision and stability in fast running.

6. Taiwan  high torque helical rack reducer ensure stable running with high torque output.

7. X and Y axis adopt Taiwan YYC helical rack&pinion. Gapless transmission can ensure running precision.

8. Water chiller in electric cabinet regulates inside temperature, maintain the stability of electronic components and extend their lifetime.

9. The head of 5 axis use high intensity cast aluminum processing method, also adopts imported large torque & high precision harmonic reducer and Italy HSD spindle.

10. Also 4pcs German guide rails are mounted on Y axis .tapers are installed on both X axis and Y axis ,through which ensure the running accuracy of linear guide way and equal force during machine  working, have a perfect mechanical precision and stability in fast running.

11. Equipped with 5 synchronizing incorporated axis, which simplifies operational program , time saving and cost efficiency .

12. Gantry movement machine structure. Laddering installation linear guide rail improves gantry rigidity. Tempering processed treatment prevents gantry from deformation that might be caused by dead weight and weld, also greatly improves whole machine rigidity. Machine's accuracy and long time stability are well guaranteed.

13. Work table is made of cast iron via resin sand molding and tempering processed treatment. It has excellent shock resistance and thermal stability. This design is the popular trends of CNC machine centers nowadays It has feature of good rigidity, precision performance, saving space, high load bearing capacity and advanced automation.

14. Organ style dust proof in X and Y axis can make the guide way and rack&pinion clean during working, so their service life will be extended.


Description Parameters
Working area 1200*2000*500mm
Transmission XYZ axes Taiwan TBI Ball screw 40,table moving structure
Servo motor Japan YASAKAWA
Spindle 14KW Italy SMC HITECO, KOS 360°
Inverter Taiwan Delta
Guide rails Taiwan Hinwin 30mm
Table structure Aluminum T slot
Tools magazine
8 carousel tools
Tool senior

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